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Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle Coating Technology for Precision Spray Coating System

low flow spray ultrasonic atomizer nozzles focus micron and sub-micron droplets onto small parts from various viscosity solutions with very little overspray. Nozzles come in two styles, flat and wide spray tip. Nozzles are ideal for focusing droplets with our Pin Point Spray Shapers and for extra low solution deliveries.
FLOW RATE (ml/min):
Generator :
Solution utilization:
  • RPS-AT40
  • Rps-sonic
  • RPS-AT40

Ultrasonic Atomizer Solar Cell Coating Fuel Cell Coating


Ultrasonic nozzles are a type of spray nozzle that uses high frequency vibration produced by piezoelectric transducers acting upon the nozzle tip that will create capillary waves in a liquid film. Once the amplitude of the capillary waves reaches a critical height (due to the power level supplied by the generator), they become too tall to support themselves and tiny droplets fall off the tip of each wave resulting in atomization.

The primary factors influencing the initial droplet size produced are frequency of vibration, surface tension, and viscosity of the liquid. Frequencies are commonly in the range of 20–180 kHz, beyond the range of human hearing, where the highest frequencies produce the smallest drop size.

ultrasonic spray coating

Advantages of ultrasonic spraying equipment

    High uniformity: Ultrasonic spraying is a high-performance industrial-grade precision spraying technology, used for high-uniformity coating of sub-micron and nano-scale thin films.

    Material saving and environmental protection: Since the low-speed spray without pressure is easy to control, and the droplets fall on the substrate instead of rebounding from the substrate, it can ensure a significant reduction in the amount of overspray, save a lot of materials and reduce environmental emissions . The coating utilization rate of ultrasonic spraying is more than 4 times that of traditional two-fluid spraying.

    High controllability: When a very low flow rate is required, the nozzle is what you want. When spraying particles are suspended, they have a unique advantage. Through the ultrasonic effect of the nozzle itself, the particles are kept uniformly suspended during the entire spraying process to ensure that the functional particles are more uniformly dispersed in a thinner layer.

    High efficiency and energy saving: the liquid is transferred to the spray head through its own gravity or low-pressure pump to achieve continuous or intermittent atomization, no clogging, no wear, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts, no cooling water required during atomization, and low energy consumption , The equipment is simple, the failure rate is low, the ultrasonic nozzle has a self-cleaning function, and daily maintenance is free.

    Widely used: Ultrasonic spraying equipment is mainly used in fuel cells, thin film photovoltaic cells, thin film solar coatings, perovskite solar cells, solar cells, graphene coatings, silicon photovoltaic cells, glass coatings, electronic circuits and other industries. The nozzle can be applied to a variety of solutions, sewage, chemical liquids, and oily liquids can also be atomized.


Item Parameter
Frequency 40Khz
Power 10~100w
FLOW RATE (ml/min) 0~200ml/min
Spray width 10~50mm
Solution utilization above 98%


    • Electronics: Sensors, PCB Fluxing, Semiconductors etc.

    • Industrial: Glass, Touch Screen, etc.  

    • Medical: Stents, Balloon Catheters, Diagnostic Device etc.

    • Energy: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell, etc.

      ultrasonic spray nozzle


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