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Rps-sonic, consisted with a couple of young people who love ultrasonic very much.The founding members of RPS-SONIC have an average degree of Bachelor's degree or above. They have been in the ultrasonic industry for more than 5 years and have rich experience in ultrasound. The company's business philosophy is: Do not blindly promote any product, find the most suitable product for  customers. So before each order, we will confirm all the details, including application details, capacity,equipment conditions, equipment specific information.
Before year 2012, we only sale ultrasonic welding equipment , during these twenty year develop, we find, more and more people have problem with the core part of ultrasonic welding equipment -generator and transducer, so we decided to start our business of transducer and generator of our own transducer and generator. Many of the end user meet the transducer problem, they don’t know why transducer broken, and changing the expensive transducer one by one. Actually, one branson /dukane /rinco transducer can use 10~30 year, even the cheapest transducer can use about 5 years. So there must be some reasons if your transducer broken in one year. That’s why we want build Rps-sonic, we need to help more end user to know more about ultrasonic systems, to use ultrasonic equipment better, to save cost when meet problem.
The same to ultrasonic equipments, Unreasonable operation may shorter the use-life. So we have to make technical inquiry before operate ultrasonic machine. The key point of ultrasonic machine is resonance, only keep every part in resonance can make the system in best work environment.  
Of course we can make the transducer/generator replace for Branson /dukane/ rinco/ herrman telsonic welding machine, we can also make transducer/generator for any application of your ultrasonic equipment. We supply OEM service for oversea customers, we already have two OEM customer in USA and German.
The high power ultrasonic system with different horn(probe) can work in different area, that why you can see different ultrasonic application , such like: ultrasonic welding , ultrasonic sewing , ultrasonic cutting , ultrasonic slicing, ultrasonic homogenizing and ultrasonic coating.
The core components of ultrasonic system are always the ultrasonic generator and the Probe. The design of the vibrator probe and the stability of the ultrasonic generator have always been the most important factors in the ultrasonic application process. All the RPS-SONIC ultrasoic system will be tested 24 hours before shipment. and all the horn(probe) will design by  ANASYS and resonance simulation, to confirm the perfect design.
If you have any problem in ultrasonic area, welcome contact Rps-sonic.




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