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The overall plastic welding equipment market is highly driven by the ever-rising plastics manufacturing industry worldwide. Plastic materials such as PET, PVC, PP and others have replaced conventional materials in a wide range of applications. Some of the prominent applications include consumer products, automotive parts, consumer electronics, electrical products and others. Due to cheap prices of plastic materials (as compared to their counterparts), the trend is only estimated to rise in the coming years. The plastic welding equipment market is hence projected to continue witnessing robust growth during the forecast period. Another major factor fueling the market growth is availability of variety of methods used for plastic welding. This enables welding of plastic materials in different working environments.

Virtually, there are few factors restraining the market growth. One of the major challenges is limitation across plastic welding methods. Although the overall plastic welding equipment market is driven by the rising plastics manufacturing industry coupled with availability of wide array of welding methods, there exists significant limitations for each of the welding method.
So even we sale ultrasonic , we will not recommend you ultrasonic welding always, ultrasonic welding not suit for every application , we need to judge it depending on your application 
We have yeas experience of export, we have Analyzed and summarized the main sources and proportions of our customers
Depending on the large data from our customer, we have conducted a survey on the popularity of brands in the market.
We find most of the famous brand been know by market are from USA and Europe, so that’s why we want rebuild a new brand, not only sale ultrasonic, we want to sale our brands too , hope Rps-sonic will be know by more customer for our good quality and service..




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