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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine/Cutter

What is ultrasonic cutting machine/ cutter?
The principle of the ultrasonic cutting machine is based on the use of high-frequency vibrations generated by an ultrasonic transducer. These vibrations are typically in the range of 20 kHz to 40 kHz and are transmitted to Ultrasonic Blades, also known as a horn, which amplifies the vibrations and focuses them onto the material being cut.
Overall, the principle of the ultrasonic cutting machine/ cutter is to use high-frequency vibrations to soften and melt the material being cut, reducing the cutting force required and resulting in a clean and precise cut.
As the blade vibrates, it creates a series of rapid, low-amplitude movements that cause the material to be cut. The ultrasonic waves create a localized heat effect at the cutting point, which softens and melts the material. This, in turn, reduces the cutting force required, resulting in a clean and precise cut.
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Application Of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
Food -Ultrasonic food cutter is suit for
cutting various frozen foods, viscous foods, such like cheese cake, nougat, wafer biscuits, frozen cheese. The high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic can effectively reduce the cutting resistance, and make the cutting surface smooth and beautiful.
Rubber/PVC -Ultrasonic Cutting machine also applied in rubber and PVC cutting , Rubber goods have high toughness, ultrasonic cutting knife can greatly reduce resistance and increase cutting speed.

Fabric -Ultrasonic sealing and cutting machine is widely use in fabric industry. We have ultrasonic slitting and cutting machine for fabric slitting and curtain cutting.

How to choose the suitable ultrasonic cutting knife?
When selecting an ultrasonic cutting machine or cutter, consider factors such as the type and thickness of the material to be cut, the desired cutting precision, the required cutting speed, and any specific features or accessories needed for your application. Consulting with us can help in choosing the most suitable knife.
Why ultrasonic food cutter become populor in baking area?
Ultrasonic food cutter is a new type of cutting technology that uses ultrasonic vibrations to easily and precisely slice through food. This technology has revolutionized the food industry in a positive way, making food preparation faster, more efficient, and safer.

The ultrasonic food cutter's cutting abilities are incredible, swiftly cutting through a variety of foods—both soft and tough. With its high-frequency vibrations, it can make precise cuts, reducing waste and giving more consistent results. This technology has improved the overall quality of the food being served.

In addition, ultrasonic food cutters reduce the risk of contamination during food preparation. This is because the machine doesn't come into contact with the food while cutting, limiting the chance of cross-contamination and reducing the spread of germs.

Another significant advantage of ultrasonic food cutters is their energy efficiency. They consume less power than traditional cutting tools while providing accurate cuts. Hence, businesses can save on energy costs without sacrificing precision.

Overall, the ultrasonic food cutter has brought significant positive changes to the food industry. It has improved productivity, enhanced food safety, minimized food waste, and reduced energy consumption. Entrepreneurs that opt to use it will have a competitive advantage in the food market, ensuring their customers have access to high-quality food while reducing their production costs.
Advantage of ultrasonic cutting machine
● 1. Non-Pollution, with no smoke, odor, or flying debris produced during cutting, eliminating dust and air pollution during cutting;
● 2. Reduce waste, as it does not crush or damage your products during cutting, reducing waste;
●3. Ensure neat, smooth, and non-deformed incisions, enhancing the appearance and value of the product. (Providing a good cutting surface);
●4. Reduce stop time, as the blades do not need to be cleaned frequently when cutting sticky products;
●5. The blade is made of durable titanium material;
●6. Reduce cutting resistance, cutting faster.
Solution Of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
Product: Ultrasonic food cutter knife width 305mm RPS-C305
Nation: India
Material: Halwa
The primary application of ultrasonic food cutting knives lies in their ability to achieve precise and clean cuts through a wide range of food items. With ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of typically 20 kHz, the knife's blade creates microscopic vibrations that reduce friction and resistance, resulting in smooth, accurate cuts. This precision is especially crucial in delicate food items such as cakes, pastries, and soft fruits.
Product: Ultrasonic Rotry Horn RPS-RH35 and Ultrsaonic slitting machine RPS-S35
Nation: Czech Republic
Material: Non-woven fabric
Multiple ultrasonic slitting sets can be installed at the same time, and the material can be slitted to achieve the slitting function.
Install on both ends of the material to remove excess material and melt edges.
For some difficult cutting materials such as chemical fiber and polymer materials, it can effectively reduce cutting resistance and achieve smooth cutting.
Product: Automatic ultrasonic food cutting machine RPS-A305
Nation: Russia
Material: Cheese
The automatic ultrasonic cheese cutting machine is an advanced technology that combines the precision of ultrasonic cutting with the convenience of automated operation. This application description aims to provide an overview of the diverse applications and benefits of ultrasonic fully automatic food cutting machines in the food industry.
Product: Ultrasonic alternate blade cutter RPS-CB35
Nation: USA
Material: Aluminum foil
Ultrasonic alternate blade cutter can be installed on the robot arm for product cutting.
Ultrasonic cutting is high-speed and efficient, and is widely used in automated machines and mechanical operations recently. Cutting without burr and waste, very accurate and efficient. At the same time, the blade of this type is alternate, and if it is worn, it can be easily replaced, saving cost and labor for customer.
Product:Ultrasonic rubber cutting system RPS-C40
Nation: Indonesia
Material: Tire rubber
Ultrasonic rubber cutting is a method of cutting materials through high-frequency vibration. It cuts rubber into smooth, clear and dry shapes without generating heat. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting, it can better control the cutting angle, thickness and type, thereby increasing cutting speed and quality. The customer said our ultrasonic cutting system works well for cutting the tire.
Product: Ultrasonic fabric slitting machine RPS-S40
Nation: Ukraine
Material: 3 layers of Non-woven
Ultrasonic fabric slitting machine commonly used in industries such as textile manufacturing, apparel production, and automotive upholstery. It can cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabrics at the same time. The localized heat generated during the process helps prevent fraying and unraveling of the fabric, resulting in clean and finished edges. Additionally, it is known for its high precision, allowing for intricate or delicate cuts without damaging the fabric.
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FAQ for RPS-SONIC Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
  • Q Can an ultrasonic cutting knife be used for non-industrial applications?

    A Yes, ultrasonic cutting knives have applications beyond industrial settings. They can be used in crafts, hobbies, and DIY projects, as well as in research and development laboratories for cutting small samples or delicate materials.
  • Q Are there different blade designs available for ultrasonic cutting knives?

    A Yes, ultrasonic cutting knives come with various blade designs to suit different applications. Some common blade shapes include straight blades, curved blades, serrated blades, and custom-designed blades for specific cutting requirements.
  • Q Can an ultrasonic cutting knife be used for automated or robotic applications?

    A Yes, ultrasonic cutting knives can be integrated into automated or robotic systems for precision cutting in industrial settings. They can be controlled and programmed to follow specific cutting paths, making them suitable for high-speed production lines.
  • Q Is an ultrasonic cutting knife safe to use?

    A Yes, Ultrasonic cutting knives are generally safe to use when operated correctly. However, precautions should be taken to prevent accidental contact with the vibrating blade, and appropriate safety measures, such as guarding and training, should be implemented to ensure operator safety.
  • Q If you will test all machines before delivery?

    A Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
  • Q Can you produce according to the samples?

    A Yes, we can customize the product according to your samples or 3D drawings.
  • Q How long is the Warranty period? 

    A 12 months limited warranty starting from date of shipping excluding wear parts.
  • Q How about the delivery time?

    A Normally, 10-30 days after receipt of advance payment and confirmed drawings. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.
  • Q What is your terms of delivery?

    A EXW, FOB, CIF.
  • Q What is your terms of payment?

    A 100% advance payment by T/T upon signing the contract. Other payment terms can also be negotiated.
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