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Reward System

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Cumulative reward 
             Order amount in one year                    Award  
USD30,000 Hand held Ultrasonic spot welder *1 set
USD50,000 Ultrasonic impedance analyzer *1set 
USD80,000                      DG8.3 Ultrasonic generator *set                                    
Award for long cooperator
Order amount more than $20,000 per year and Cooperation years Award
More than 3 year Hand held Ultrasonic spot welder *1 set
More than 5 year  Ultrasonic impedance analyzer *1set 
More than 5 year  DG8.3 Ultrasonic generator *1set
  All rewards are extra, regardless of the price, discount and batch.
  The reward will ship with your order                                                       
  All the reward can be set depending on your requirements             
  All the reward have one year warranty                                                  
   The two award can not be got at the same time                                  
We will record every order for best service,  also for better buyer familiar ,looking forward to cooperate with you in stable relationship.
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