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Product Quality
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How to control the quality:
1 the best technical and producing team.
The core number in our technical team and producing team have rich experience in ultrasonic area. Our technical will give Reasonable design schemes and drawings, calculates the structure of each component and frequency by software. When our producing team get will producing it by the drawing , also they will do some Correction for the different material.
2 the Verified quality inspection
The finished products will go through three inspection. 
First, old test, all the finished transducer/ generator will work the machine at least 48 hours before shipment.
Second, Original machine test, if the transducer /generator you buy for branson/ dukane some famous machine, we will take our transducer/generator on the Original machine for testing.
Third, Impedance analyzer for pre-shipment inspection, the impedance will record all parameter, aslo we will share this data with you.



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