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R means responsibility, we have the responsibility to help every customer to solve the problem. Help every one find the right products and get perfect application to improve the effectiveness.
Also the responsibility as a Chinese, we hope this brand can help build a new impression in the world of the ultrasonic transducer/ generator made in China. Not cheap and short life, but good quality . 
P means Precision, we have to be Precision to every part of our business. Before sales we need to confirm full information to confirm you will get right products. For our transducer we have to make sure it can be work on your machine. For the generator, we also need to confirm the parameter before sale, not every model of the generator in high Precision, but every generator can meet your application .
S means stable, as we know , every end user hope no problem during the producing line. Any small problem will influences our work piece, so stable is very important for ultrasonic transducer / generator. Beside to confirm the quality of the transducer and generator, we have reached the  new digital generator can welding/ cutting by both depth and pressure model, to confirm the welding process 100% stable.

Rps-sonic you can also understand as  responsibility+ products and service, we hope to give you  most suitable products , and best service to Complete our responsibilities. Hope every customer can Witness our promise



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