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  • Ultrasonic Extraction: Unlocking Nature's Secrets
    Ultrasonic extraction, also known as sonication, is a powerful technique that harnesses the energy of high-frequency sound waves to extract valuable compounds from various natural sources. This non-invasive and environmentally friendly method has gained significant attention in recent years due to i
  • ultrasonic food cutting machine brief instruction
    The use of ultrasonics is becoming increasingly important for the food industry.Ultrasound in Food Processing enables scientists, engineers andmanagers in food manufacturing to make informed choices about anew and important area of research and development. It will also be avaluable reference to peo
  • what's the ultrasonic extraction technology?
    what's the ultrasonic ? what's the ultrasonic extractor technology? the essay will introduce the ultrasonic and ultrasonic extraction techolgy from many aspects.
  • what's the application of ultrasonic in the sewing industry
    The application of ultrasonic in the sewing industry mainly reflects the two major functions of ultrasonic: welding and cutting. In 2019, for masks that are popular all over the world, ultrasound is a household name for applying these two functions to the fullest. The cutting and welding of velvet c
  • ​ What's the application of ultrasonic spray coating?
    Ultrasonic spraying, also known as ultrasonic spraying, is a spraying process using ultrasonic atomization technology. The sprayed material is first in a liquid state. The liquid can be a solution, sol, suspension, etc. The liquid coating is first atomized into fine particles by an ultrasonic atomiz
  • RPS-SONIC help all machine factorys on the mask machine
    “In the face of the sudden epidemic, the gaps in masks and medical protective clothing have become prominent. The epidemic is the order. RPS-SONIC actively responded to the call of the country, with its own technical research and development capabilities and rich application experience in the field of ultrasonic processing, and urgently organized resources to upgrade technology and recovery. We have provided a large number of ultrasonic welding systems for medical machinery manufacturers around the world. We have exported large quantity of ultrasonic welding equipments to Korea, Turkey and Iran.
  • How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:
    How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:One: Tuning.First of all, the quality must be excellent when purchasing. Whether it is an analog electric box or an intelligent electric box, you must purchase equipment that has been debugged and matched in advance. Eac
  • Why use ultrasonic impact gun to eliminate stress?
    Why use ultrasonic impact gun to eliminate stress?Metal structure parts are generally welded by welding. During the metal filling process, there are residual heights, pits, undercuts and various welding defects at the joints, causing severe stress concentration and a certain welding residue. Pullin
  • what material can be welded by ultrasonic plastic welding ?
    Which plastics can the ultrasonic welding machine weld?Ultrasonic welding machines can weld a lot of materials, but there are not many materials that are really suitable for ultrasonic welding machines. Why do you say this? The following details:The materials that can be welded by ultrasonic welding
  • How to use FEM ANSYS parameter optimization and probability design of ultrasonic welding horn
    Application of ANSYS Parameter Optimization and Probability Design on Ultrasonic Welding horn ForewordWith the development of ultrasonic technology, its application is more and more extensive, it can be used to clean tiny dirt particles, and it can also be used for welding metal or plastic. Especia
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