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Ultrasonic Atomizer Solar Cell Coating Fuel Cell Coating

low flow spray ultrasonic atomizer nozzles focus micron and sub-micron droplets onto small parts from various viscosity solutions with very little overspray. Nozzles come in two styles, flat and wide spray tip. Nozzles are ideal for focusing droplets with our Pin Point Spray Shapers and for extra low solution deliveries.
FLOW RATE (ml/min):
Generator :
Solution utilization:
  • RPS-AT40
  • Rps-sonic
  • RPS-AT40

Ultrasonic Atomizer Solar Cell Coating Fuel Cell Coating


This 40Khz Ultrasonic spray nozzle adopts a special contraction flow channel designed to uniformly gather and distribute the carrier gas, so that the liquid mist after ultrasonic atomization is sprayed in a focused form, thereby reducing the spray coating area of the ultrasonic spray nozzle. This 40khz ultrasonic nozzle is suitable for spray small-area film coatings such as fuel cell membrane electrode spray coatings, thin film solar cell spray coatings, selective flux spray coatings, drug stent spray coatings, and drug balloon catheter spray coatings.

ultrasonic spray coating

How Ultrasonics Spray Nozzles Work

Ultrasonic spray nozzles are constructed to vibrate longitudinally at high frequency by means of piezoelectric transducers.  This longitudinal up and down motion creates standing waves in a thin film of applied liquid on the ultrasonic nozzle tip, in which the amplitude of these waves can be controlled by the power generator.  These standing liquid waves can be extended upwards off the ultrasonic nozzle tip to the point they separate into evenly sized droplets with little to no kinetic energy (see video).  Secondary shaping gas or ambient air can be used to easily entrain droplets to the desired shape and velocity if needed. A variety of ultrasonic nozzles are offered that help determine droplet size, liquid flow rate and spray patterns.

Microspray works closely with Universities, R&D efforts and industry to provide solutions utilizing ultrasonic spray nozzles for a variety of cutting edge technologies as well as established industrial applications.  Ultrasonics nozzles (also referred to as an ultrasonic nebulizer) have been a preferred choice over conventional air spray applicators, dip coating processes and other coating methodologies for many of the unique features ultrasonic spray coating nozzles provide.  For example, an ultrasonic nozzle is an air-less systems, the ultrasonication of the spray nozzle makes it anti-clogging and the spray nozzle is constructed of highly durable materials such as titanium making it well suited for a variety of challenging environments and chemistries.


Item Parameter
Frequency 40Khz
Power 10~100w
FLOW RATE (ml/min) 0~200ml/min
Spray width 10~50mm
Solution utilization above 98%


    • Electronics: Sensors, PCB Fluxing, Semiconductors etc.

    • Industrial: Glass, Touch Screen, etc.  

    • Medical: Stents, Balloon Catheters, Diagnostic Device etc.

    • Energy: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell, etc.

Ultrasonic spary coating  

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