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  • Q 4.What food suit for ultrasonic cutting ?

    A For viscous and elastic materials and frozen foods, ultrasonic cutting knives are needed to obtain a more beautiful edge banding effect. Such like , cheese, cake, Nougat, frozen meat。
  • Q 3.Which ultrasonic equipment suite for ear loop welding ?

    A We suggest ultrasonic generator 2000E with 20Khz transducer for ear loop welding , price lower and output stable.
  • Q 2. Which ultrasonic equipment suit for mask slicer?

    A For mask slicer, we always suggest high power equipment, such like 15Khz 2600w,or 3600w,4200w Equipment, because mask slicer always be continues work under pressure, lower percent output will be more stable and longer uselife.
  • Q 1.What should we choose for mask application?

    A There are three process may use ultrasonic equipment: earloop welding , mask slicer, and edge welding . different process with different equipment.
  • Q 19.Can the frequency of ultrasonic welding machine be adjusted?

    A No, the frequency of ultrasonic welding machine is fixed and can not be adjusted. When purchasing, it is necessary to select the right ultrasonic welding machine.
  • Q 18.Can 3D printed plastic parts be welded y ultrasonic machine?

    No, 3D printed plastic parts have sonic impedance, so it cannot transmit ultrasonic well.
  • Q 17.How to slove the problem when the ultrasonic vibrator is damping

    A You can check the plug connected to the transducer with a megger. Check the insulation resistance value to judge the basic situation. Generally, the insulation resistance is greater than 5 megohms. If the insulation resistance value is not reached, the transducer is generally damp. To dry the  transducer by hair dryer to remove moisture. 
  • Q 16.What's the difference between steel rear cover transducer and rubber rear cover transducer?

    A Rubber back cover transducer can prevent static electricity, reduce wear and tear during use.
  • Q 15.How long does it take for ultrasonic welding?

    A Due to the different types of materials and the shape of products, the welding time usually takes only 0.2 seconds. Too long time will cause excessive welding and produce a large number of flash and bubbles, resulting in poor air tightness.
  • Q 14.what to do when the transducer vibrator is sparking

    A It means the ceramic material is broken, and it can be combined with the naked eye and the megger. You need change the damaged ultrasonic vibrator.




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