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Ultrasonic Soldering Iron 60Khz Soldering Copper Wire on Glass

Ultrasonic machining is the removal of material by the abrading action of grit-loaded liquid slurry circulating between the workpiece and a tool vibrating perpendicular to the workface at afrequency above the audible range.
Amplitude of vibration (a):
  • SI60
  • Rps-sonic
  • SI60

 Ultrasonic Soldering Iron 60Khz Soldering Copper Wire on Glass


Ultrasonic soldering is a specialized soldering process that eliminates the need for chemical flux. In place of flux, it uses acoustic energy to disrupt oxides that form on molten solder and base metal surfaces during the joining process. Many times ultrasonic soldering is used to join difficult-to-wet materials like aluminum, titanium, glass, ceramics and dissimilar materials. Applications include electronics, medical decives, and structural components, in various base metal combinations, such as copper, aluminum, and titanium, graphite, carbides and more.

There are several advantages to ultrasonic soldering... It is a fluxless process, utiizing acoustically driven mechanical engery to fracture and disrupt oxide films on solder and base materials to promote solder wetting and and adherence. Flux can contaminate and damage/corrode senstive materias, so fluxless soldering is advantageous. Ultrasonic soldering can also be very useful in senstive base materials, since the soldering iron tips only need be immersed in the molten solder pool for the mechanical activation to work.


No need of flux when soldering to the glass, ceramic, or metal (the end of iron tip makes ultrasonic vibration, and removes any contaminants or oxide layers on the surfaces)

  • It can solder to the glass, ceramic, or metal that cannot soldering

  • Light weight and good portability

  • Various derivatives are available

  • According to the customer’s order, the end of the tip in the handle can produce

  • It is for electrode part, solar battery parts, and electrode of superconductivity ceramic parts

ultrasonic solder iron 


Model No. HC-SI60
Ultrasonic Frequency 60Khz
Maximum Output 100 Watt
Temperature Range 150 ~ 400 °C
Power Supply 220V / 50-60 Hz
Ultrasonic Generator Size 250(W) x 310(L) x 135(H) mm
Weight 5 Kg
Feature Ultrasonic Amplitude Adjustable
Iron Handle Length & Diameter 190mm / Ø20
Avail Soldering Matrial ITO Glass, AL, Mo, Cu etc.,


  • User-friendly interface

  • By combining Greatcell Solar ultrasonic solderer with peculiar solderer alloys, the customer can solder directly on glass/ceramics/unsolderable materials.

  • New feed-back method developed from careful research of oscillator frequency settings enables stable, reliable work.

  • Output adjustable by stepless control

  • emperature can be set within 200°C 500°C by 10°C unit




  • Small scale production.

  • For use in laboratory conditions, while preparing data before mass production and for inspection purposes.

  • Soldering electrodes for display goods.

  • Soldering electrodes for solar cells.

  • Soldering electrodes on highly conductive

  • ceramic substrates.Bonding electronic parts.

What material can the ultrasonic soldering Iron welding ? 

Tin, We can check the METAL MELTING POINT table as follws:

Beryllium Copper865 – 9551587 – 1750
Red Brass990 – 10251810 – 1880
Silver, Pure9611761
Silver, Sterling8931640
Carbon Steel1425 – 15402600 – 2800
Stainless Steel15102750
Yellow Brass905 – 9321660 – 1710

Our horn Temperature Range is 150~400, so the Tin can be melt by our horn.

The new model of the ultrasonic soldering iron comes complete with a newly designed ergonomic, lightweight handle, which ensures that there is a minimum of strain on the operator during the soldering process.

The ultrasonic soldering iron incorporates a powerful heater, rated at 60W, and a digital temperature controller which allows the user to adjust the soldering tip temperature and provides control from 50°C up to 400°C ±2°C.

The ultrasonic generator has 9 levels of ultrasonic activity, selected by push buttons, plus a function that allows the soldering iron to be used as a conventional soldering iron if required. The ultrasonic power is applied to the iron as needed by operating the provided footswitch or, alternatively, the power can be turned on and off using the button on the front of the unit.

An ultrasonic transducer is built into the soldering iron handle and to prevent this unit being overheated a continuous use of a cooling air is required. There is a safety system in place to ensure that if the air pressure has dropped and has stopped cooling the transducer the unit automatically turns off to prevent frequency drift and damage to the transducer. The cooling air supply can be provided by a small pump, not supplied, or from a facilities own 0.75-1bar clean air supply.

The iron comes with 3 interchangeable soldering tips, made from a high density hard copper, which have been matched to the ultrasonic generator to provide optimum performance. There are a variety of tips to choose from including various sizes of chisel, cone and point shapes from a range that Solbraze manufacture to suit the customers application.

The ultrasonic iron can be used worldwide as the ultrasonic irons power supply input can be switched to be either 110v or 230v depending on the local mains supply using a switch on the rear of the unit.

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