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20khz 305mm Cutting Blades Ultrasonic Cutting Blades Titanium Alloy Cutting Blades

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment use high-frequency vibration of 20,000 times per second generated by ultrasonic energy to create a surface with almost no friction between the blade and the food, thus eliminating problems such as sticking and squeezing.

Ultrasonic cutting equipment application

Ultrasonic cake cutters can be widely used in divided creamed multi-layer cakes, laminated mousse cakes, jujube cakes, steamed sandwich cakes, Napoleon, Swiss rolls, brownies, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich sandwiches and other baked goods.

It can cut a variety of shapes of baked goods and frozen foods, such as round, square, fan, triangle and so on. And can be customized according to the special needs of customers and existing conditions, welcome to sample test.
horn material :
  • CB20-305
  • Rps-sonic
  • CB20-305

20khz 305mm Cutting Blades Ultrasonic Cutting Blades Titanium Alloy Cutting Blades

What's the principle of ultrasonic cutting?

The principle of an ultrasonic cutter is completely different from conventional one. It uses the energy of ultrasonic to melt the material to be cut. Therefore, the ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp cutting edge, nor does it require a large pressure, and does not cause any chipping or breakage. At the same time, since the cutting blade is subjected to ultrasonic vibration, the frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easily adhered to the blade. This is particularly effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure.

Ultrasonic knife blade vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency can easily slice through the material to be cut quickly and precisely without leaving behind any residue in the form of particles. Ultrasound has been used for years for cutting finished products. The swinging, cold cutting sonotrode reduces resistance in the cutting process and even cleans itself off residue when used with baked goods, energy bars, cheese, pizza, etc.This highly productive ultrasonic food cutting equipment can cut the type of food sheet, round, rectangular, not only cut the product size adjustable, and the cutting type can be easily accessed through the touch screen control interface. Food ultrasonic cutting machine for food slicing separation is to ensure that the exact size of the cut to achieve the minimum waste to achieve the maximum benefits, and this equipment will be able to meet the above needs. The body of the machine is made from stainless steel. Security devices provide the machine off if the doors are open. The touch panel allows the operator to maintain the formulation, production parameters, simplifying machine management.


We can combine automatic ultrasonic cake cutter with robotic technology is designed for continuous supplied product to be cut on the belt, in a box, or in a foil container. It is ideal for sticky, difficult to cut products. The machine can cut round, square, rectangles or triangles and is designed to employ ultrasonic cutting systems, servo driven conveyor, and is “wash down” compatible for ease of cleaning and sanitation. The upstream process can be automated by the addition of an auto load conveyor and the downstream process can be automated with an exit conveyor. Beautifully shaped products, less cutting waste, safe cleaning and more profit. Experience it all with the COMPACT ULTRASONIC SLICER! RPS-SONIC ultrasonic cutting  machine is equipped with an ultrasonic system with high-quality titanium blades that is specially developed by BAKON to accomplish the best cutting results.


Machine Ultrasonic cutting blades
Frequency(KHz) 20Khz
Power 1000 W
Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
Voltage(V) 220V
The width of blade depend on your requirement
Cutting witdth 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,255mm,305mm.
Horn amplitude 10-40μm
Equipment weight 1KG



1, easy to apply to automated production

2, the cutting surface smooth.

3, fast, high efficiency, no pollution.

4. Ultrasonic cutting machine adopts hand-held cutting design, which can replace different specifications of cutting knife mold, which is easy to use;

5, with high frequency vibration of 40KHZ or 20KHZ, this low friction makes the cutting knife cut food smoothly, making the food cutting surface clean, beautiful and not deformed;

6, cutting blades from 50mm to 350mm available, customizable.


Cake,Sandwich, biscuit, wafer, nougat

Frozen cakes and pies

Frozen fish

Snack and health bars

Fresh/frozen prepared meats

Dough or baked cookies

Soft and hard cheeses

Fresh/frozen vegetables

Candy and confections

Ice cream bars

ultrasonic cutting blades

1. What’s the warranty of your ultrasonic cutter?

Our warranty is one year , but we can supply you Components free even out of warranty.


2. What’s frequency ultrasonic cutter you supply?

We can supply generatorr from 20~40khz depending on your requirements or application.


4. What’s the using life of your ultrasonic cutting equipment?

Under correct working environment, our ultrasonic cutter can work 3~5 years


5. Does your products exported before?

Yes, our Generator exported to USA,south America, EUROPE, Middle East, and Russia for many years.


7. Do you supply OEM work?

Yes, welcome to ask for OEM cooperation , we have OEM produced for USA and German customer for many years, also hope to get more OEM order to enlarge our business.


8. How to customize blades ?

you can tell us your dimension requirements, we will customize depending on your requirements.


9. Can you generator connect to PC, PLC or internet .

Yes, we have different version generator, it can connect to PC. PLC, even internet.Also the price different.


10. What we can get if the transducer/equipment broken during the warranty?

All our transducer and generator tested at least 48 hours before shipment , so we have confidence to our equipment. Of course, We will send you new transducer/ equipment if it broken in the warranty. At the same time, we need to find the problem , why it broken so fast.

Frequency Blade widthgenerator Horn material Application  
20kHZ 305MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting 
20kHZ 255MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting 
20kHZ 200MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting 
20kHZ 150MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting 
20kHZ 50-100MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting & Rubber cutting
35Khz82.5MM2000CSTitanium alloyFood cutting & Rubber cutting

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