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30Khz Ultrasonic Cutting Knife Sealing And Trimming Fabric Edge

Ultrasonic cutting knife, can be operated by hand and by robot.
The cutting knives replaced, easy change.
horn material :
  • C30-1

  • Rps-sonic

  • C30-1

30Khz Ultrasonic Cutting Knife Sealing And Trimming Fabric Edge

What's the principle of ultrasonic cutting?

The principle of an ultrasonic cutter is completely different from conventional one. It uses the energy of ultrasonic to melt the material to be cut. Therefore, the ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp cutting edge, nor does it require a large pressure, and does not cause any chipping or breakage. At the same time, since the cutting blade is subjected to ultrasonic vibration, the frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easily adhered to the blade. This is particularly effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure.

The ULTRASONIC TRIM KNIFE is a hand held, portable instrument designed for cutting, and trimming of prepregs and other hard to cut materials.

Ultrasonic cutting knife cut prepregs faster, more efficiently and with less fiber damage than conventional cutting methods, and are thereby more cost effective through greater productivity and reduced material waste. Ultrasonic energy is trigger activated providing operators with control over cutting pressure and the duration of ultrasonic activation. Accessories for remote operation of a Sonicut system in a machine mounting are available.

A 300 watt variable amplitude power supply offers control of the amplitude (blade stroke) for different materials and thicknesses. The system is capable of both constant and timed ultrasonic activation. A choice of steel, carbide, or titanium tips and blades provide the accessories necessary to complete a variety of composite cutting operations



The sharpness of an ultrasonic cutter differs according to various combinations of oscillator, transducer, and blade. Because of abundant experience, our company prepares combinations suitable for various materials. Since we can select the model most suitable for your cutting work, we ask that you confirm the sharpness of the selected model by test cutting first.

Sometime, we will request for sample from you to confirm the suitable cutting equipment for you.

ultrasonic cutting knife




Frequency adjustment

Auto-tracking type

Max. power output


Power output

Infinitive adjustment

Power supply

AC200V 50/60Hz

Outer dimension (mm)




Blade thickness


Target Materials
Resin plate
Glass fiber (GFRP)
Formed decorative film
Blow-molded parts
Injection-molded parts
Carbon fiber (CFRP)
Aluminum foil composites
Non-woven fabrics
Controlled-depth kiss cutting


  • Change cut shapes and patterns instantly

  • Create more consistent cuts

  • Greatly reduce clean up

  • Have a wider cutting temperature range

  • Easily change over from product to product


The cutting knife replaceable, it is better buy some reserve knives.

1. What’s the warranty of your ultrasonic cutter?

Our warranty is one year , but we can supply you Components free even out of warranty.


2. What’s frequency ultrasonic cutter you supply?

We can supply generatorr from 20~40khz depending on your requirements or application.


4. What’s the using life of your ultrasonic cutting equipment?

Under correct working environment, our ultrasonic cutter can work 3~5 years


5. Does your products exported before?

Yes, our Generator exported to USA,south America, EUROPE, Middle East, and Russia for many years.


7. Do you supply OEM work?

Yes, welcome to ask for OEM cooperation , we have OEM produced for USA and German customer for many years, also hope to get more OEM order to enlarge our business.


8. How to customize blades ?

you can tell us your dimension requirements, we will customize depending on your requirements.


9. Can you generator connect to PC, PLC or internet .

Yes, we have different version generator, it can connect to PC. PLC, even internet.Also the price different.


10. What we can get if the transducer/equipment broken during the warranty?

All our transducer and generator tested at least 48 hours before shipment , so we have confidence to our equipment. Of course, We will send you new transducer/ equipment if it broken in the warranty. At the same time, we need to find the problem , why it broken so fast.

Frequency Blade widthgenerator Horn material Application  
20kHZ 10MM2000CSTitanium alloyplastic cutting
30kHZ 1MM2000CSRapid steel
plastic/fabric cutting
35kHZ 0.8MM2000CSRapid steelplastic/fabric cutting
40kHZ 0.6MM2000CSRapid steelplastic/fabric cutting

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