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35Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator Circuit Diagram Separate Excitation

V8.3 intelligent series is another masterpiece of our company in 2016-2018, which took two years to build. It uses high-performance anti-interference microprocessor to realize electronic control. All parameters of welding control are controlled by microcomputer. Management, intelligent frequency control system, eliminating the inconvenience of manual frequency modulation, automatic detection of ultrasonic overload, tracking the best resonance point, keeping the vibration group temperature at the lowest point, changing the frequency of the welding head temperature, and automatically adjusting the operation of the machine. more stable.
  • DG6000-v8.3
  • Rps-sonic
  • DG6000-v8.3

35Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator Circuit Diagram Separate Excitation 

Whats ultrasonic generator?


Ultrasonic generator, usually called ultrasonic power supply. Its function is to convert our mains (220V 110V  or 380V, 50 or 60Hz) into a high frequency AC signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer. From the form of the amplifying circuit, a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit can be used, and the high-power ultrasonic power source generally adopts a circuit form of a switching power supply in terms of conversion efficiency. Linear power supplies also have their own application range, which has the advantage that the circuit can be not strictly required.

       Matching allows the operating frequency to change continuously and continuously. From the current situation in the ultrasound industry, ultrasonic generators are mainly divided into self-excited and separate excited power supply.

The principle of the ultrasonic generator is to first generate a signal of a specific frequency by a signal generator, which may be a sinusoidal signal or a pulse signal. This specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer, and is generally applied to ultrasonic in an ultrasonic device. The frequency is 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz,70khz, 100KHz.

 Ultrasonic generator

The advantage of 35Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator Circuit Diagram Separate Excitation 

1. High stability: All digital integrated circuits adopt high-performance anti-interference processor imported from the United States. At the same time, the number of components is reduced, the hardware structure is simplified, and the voltage regulation function is added to improve the reliability and stability of the system.


2, frequency automatic tracking: digital frequency synthesis technology combined with digital phase-locked loop frequency tracking of composite control technology, can eliminate temperature, static load, processing area, tool wear and other factors drifting conventional analog regulator is difficult to overcome shortcomings, is conducive to parameter adjustment It is convenient to modify the control scheme and implement various new control strategies through the modification of the program software.


3, strong output: the application of IGBT power module plus his exciting oscillating circuit structure, so that the output power is more than 1.5 times that of the traditional self-excited circuit.


4, amplitude infinite adjustment: amplitude can be increased or decreased in the process of adjustment, can also be fine-tuned, effectively prevent the size of plastic parts can be perfectly welded, effectively reduce the penetration, burns, with defective product monitoring function, more suitable for automated use, The setting range of the amplitude is 10%~100%


5, intelligent protection and fault alarm tips: mold current is too high protection, frequency offset protection, total output is too large protection. If the equipment fails, the generator will stop working immediately and prompt the corresponding fault reason until the technician removes the fault.


6. Intelligent closed loop amplitude control technology achieves amplitude adjustment, input voltage fluctuations and load fluctuations to maintain a constant amplitude output.


7, a variety of welding mode switching, so that the welding accuracy is higher, the scope of application is wider, the welding effect is better.








1500In max

Frequency range


Operating temperature




Counting capacity

3000 item

Amplitude adjust





Digital,separate excitation 


 Branson welding generator












Range :±2khz

2000W in max

Ultrasonic welding with time model,   Precision requirements low .also suit for  ultrasonic Atomization, ultrasonic cutting , ultrasonic sealing all application with time model only.

Price favorable.

Light weight, small size and convenient.





Range :±2khz

2600W in max

Ultrasonic welding with time model, Precision requirements middle.also suit for ultrasonic Atomization, ultrasonic cutting , ultrasonic sealing all application with time model only.

Price favorable.

Light weight, small size and convenient





Range :±1khz

2000W in max

Ultrasonic welding & sealing for Non-woven fabric, lace machine, sewing welding. With time model only.

Can work continuously 7*24 hours

Price low


Can work long time




Range :±1khz

6000W in max

Ultrasonic welding/cutting  with time model, energy model, depth model and pressure model. Precision requirements high. Out-put. Also suit for ultrasonic sonochemistry.


Out put powerful.

High Precision.




15Khz ~50Khz

Range :±1khz

6000W in max

Ultrasonic welding/cutting with time model, energy model, Secondary welding mode, high Out-put high. Also suit for ultrasonic sonochemistry.


Out put powerful

High precision


1. What’s the warranty of your generator

Our warranty is one year , but we can supply you Components free even out of warranty.


2. What’s frequency generator you supply?

We can supply generatorr from 15Khz to 70Khz depending on your requirements or application.


4. What’s the using life of your generator?

Under correct working environment, our generator can work 8~10 years


5. Does your products exported before?

Yes, our Generator exported to USA,south America, EUROPE, Middle East, and Russia for many years.


7. Do you supply OEM work?

Yes, welcome to ask for OEM cooperation , we have OEM produced for USA and German customer for many years, also hope to get more OEM order to enlarge our business.


8. How to customize generator ?

You can buy the PCB board only, and you cuztomize the out box in your local place.


9. Can you generator connect to PC, PLC or internet .

Yes, we have different version generator, it can connect to PC. PLC, even internet.Also the price different.


10. What we can get if the transducer/equipment broken during the warranty?

All our transducer and generator tested at least 48 hours before shipment , so we have confidence to our equipment. Of course, We will send you new transducer/ equipment if it broken in the warranty. At the same time, we need to find the problem , why it broken so fast.

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