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Ultrasonic Transducer Horn Ultrasonic Horn Design Guidelines

This ultrasonic welding horn customized depeding on customer's requirements.
replace for :
  • Rps-H15
  • Rps-sonic
  • Rps-H15

Ultrasonic Transducer Horn Ultrasonic Horn Design Guidelines

Using Finite Element Analysis (Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, each weld horn is analyzed in the most detailed and optimized manner to achieve the best vibration and life.

Each weld horn, whether it is a standard weld head or a custom weld head, uses the best quality materials, the best design and the most precise adjustments as standard. All weld horns are supplied with safe stock to meet the needs of our customers' different types of weld horns. Various welding horn frequencies from 15KHz to 100KHz can be produced by our company. The type of welding horn includes step type, overhang surface type, exponential type, rectangular type, round type, hollow type, and the like.

For the production of special welding horns, the company analyzes the vibration state and stress distribution of each welding horn with finite element analysis (FEA) software,  to ensure that each welding horn achieves the best quality to meet the various applications of customers. Requirements, including the mother and the welding horn, the torsion welding horn, various irregular shapes and the welding horn design for special applications.

uirements include sub-weld horns, torsion horns, various irregular shapes and horn designs for special applications.

We can supply ultrasonic horn in 15KHz, 20KHz, 28KHz, 30KHz, 35KHz, 40KHz, 56KHz, etc.

Can be designed according to customer specifications

What's ultrasonic booster?

Ultrasonic Transducer Horn Ultrasonic Horn Design Guidelines, the important component of the ultrasonic vibration system is to amplify the mass displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area. Ultrasonic booster is an important part of the ultrasonic vibration system. Its main function in the vibration system is to amplify the mass displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration, and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area, that is, the energy is collected. Also known as ultrasonic shift levers or ultrasonic concentrators.

Ultrasonic booster, as the name suggests, are functional components that match the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations with ultrasonic transducers. Its main function is to change the amplitude of the transducer (generally increase), improve the vibration ratio, improve the efficiency, improve the mechanical quality factor, enhance the heat resistance, expand the temperature range, and prolong the service life of the transducer. The ultrasonic transducer adjusts the load matching between the transducer and the ultrasonic horn by installing a booster, which reduces the resonance impedance and makes it work at the resonant frequency to improve the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. Reduces the heat generation of the ultrasonic transducer and improves the service life.

ultrasonic welding horn

ultrasonic transducer horn


1. What’s the warranty of your transducer and equipment.

Our warranty is one year for both transducer and equipment, but we can supply you Components free even out of warranty.


2. What’s frequency transducer you supply?

We can supply transducer from 15Khz to 70Khz depending on your requirements or application.


3. What’s the using life of your transducer?

Under correct working environment, our transducer can work 5~10 years


4. What’s the using life of your generator?

Under correct working environment, our generator can work 8~10 years


5. Does your products exported before?

Yes, our transducer exported to USA,south America, EUROPE, Middle East, and Russia for many years.


6. Do you supply sample for test?

Yes, you can order on sample from our company first , we will return you the sample cost when you order in the future.


7. Do you supply OEM work?

Yes, welcome to ask for OEM cooperation , we have OEM produced for USA and German customer for many years, also hope to get more OEM order to enlarge our business.


8. how to customize transducer ?

For two ways for customize transducer, first way, you supply me sample , I will customize depending on your sample. Second, you give us all parameter and drawing , we can customize depending on your information.


9. Can you generator connect to PC, PLC or internet .

Yes, we have different version generator, it can connect to PC. PLC, even internet.Also the price different.


10. What we can get if the transducer/equipment broken during the warranty?

All our transducer and generator tested at least 48 hours before shipment , so we have confidence to our equipment. Of course, We will send you new transducer/ equipment if it broken in the warranty. At the same time, we need to find the problem , why it broken so fast.

The service life of the welding horn is determined by two aspects: 1. Material, 2. Process Material: Ultrasonic welding requires good flexibility of the metal material (the mechanical loss during the sound wave transmission process is small).

Good ultrasonic welding horn material is one of the main reasons to ensure the effect of ultrasonic mold life on the welding product. The process of mold completion is complicated. Therefore, it is not only the design of the mold engineer that the material must be carefully selected, but also the material that the product requires to be used to avoid inadvertent influence on its timeliness and quality.

   The characteristics of the various materials are now outlined as follows:

 First. Aluminum-magnesium alloy (7075-T651, 2024-T651, 6061-T651)

1, 7075T651: used in vibration system and Horn manufacturing, the material has extremely high mechanical yield strength, high hardness, ultrasonic welding horn, strong thermal conductivity, is an ideal ultrasonic mold manufacturing material;

2, 2024T651: generally used and manufactured by HORN, good enthalpy, strong thermal conductivity, moderate hardness, used for general plastic products.

3, 6061T651: used in the production of HORN with lower output, good 轫, soft quality.

Second. Titanium alloy: 

It is used for continuous vibration, with high enthalpy, good heat conduction, high hardness and high cost.

Third.  hard aluminum alloy:

 Chinese material, used for ordinary aluminum processing, low heat conduction, high mechanical loss to ultrasonic, low cost.


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