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High Frequency Ultrasonic Power Supply for Mask Sealing Machine

2000H ultrasonic generator loads the high frequency AC signal to both ends of the transducer through frequency Generation-Power amplifier, and achieves the desired effect through mechanical vibration. You can choose different types according to their needs and assemble them into the models they need.
model :
  • 2000H
  • Rps-sonic
  • 2000H

 High Frequency Ultrasonic Power Supply for Mask Sealing Machine

What’s ultrasonic generator?

 Ultrasonic generator, usually called ultrasonic power supply. Its function is to convert our mains (220V 110V  or 380V, 50 or 60Hz) into a high frequency AC signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer. From the form of the amplifying  circuit, a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit can be used, and the high power ultrasonic power source generally adopts a circuit form of a switching power supply in terms of conversion efficiency.  Linear power supplies also have their own application range, which has the advantage that the circuit can be not  strictly required.The digital ultrasonic generator for atomizers with five icon front panel. Programable with LCD display, variable power control, probe selection, run time, contrast adjustment, external enable/disable. Menu driven software  for selecting operating frequency with 15Khz,20Khz,28Khz,30Khz,35Khz, 40Khz and 50Khz. Operates from 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz. Fifty Watts maximum output, can operate any ultrasonic transducer. Windows PC Controler externally  operates all functions of the generator, purchased separately. 

High Frequency Ultrasonic Power Supply for Mask Sealing Machine with the following features:

  • The 2000H series ultrasonic generator has the following features:

  • Fast start - this device does not need to search frequency, you can start the ultrasonic directly.

  • Horn matching - After the user replaces the mold and presses the "Reset" button, the device can set an optimal working frequency according to the current mold.

  • Capacitance Matching - Users can select the appropriate capacitance to match based on the transducer's capacitance.

  • Amplitude adjustment - within the rated power range, the user can adjust the amplitude to achieve the effect,1%~100% adjustable.

  • Time adjustment - the user can set the time themself, with an accuracy of 10ms.

  • System Protection - The purpose of protecting the ultrasonic system is achieved through software and hardware.

  • ①  overheat protection

  • ②  current protection

  • ③  frequency protection

  • Alarm reset - The system will automatically reset to the matching frequency after the device has an alarm. After the user presses the start button, the device will enter the Ready state.




Frequency power   Model type 
20Khz  2000W Time model 

with 485

/without 485










Range :±2khz

2000W in max

Ultrasonic welding with time model,   Precision requirements low .also suit for  ultrasonic Atomization, ultrasonic cutting , ultrasonic sealing all application with time model only.

Price favorable.

Light weight, small size and convenient.





Range :±2khz

2600W in max

Ultrasonic welding with time model, Precision requirements middle.also suit for ultrasonic Atomization, ultrasonic cutting , ultrasonic sealing all application with time model only.

Price favorable.

Light weight, small size and convenient





Range :±1khz

2000W in max

Ultrasonic welding & sealing for Non-woven fabric, lace machine, sewing welding. With time model only.

Can work continuously 7*24 hours

Price low


Can work long time




Range :±1khz

6000W in max

Ultrasonic welding/cutting  with time model, energy model, depth model and pressure model. Precision requirements high. Out-put. Also suit for ultrasonic sonochemistry.


Out put powerful.

High Precision.




15Khz ~50Khz

Range :±1khz

6000W in max

Ultrasonic welding/cutting with time model, energy model, Secondary welding mode, high Out-put high. Also suit for ultrasonic sonochemistry.


Out put powerful

High precision


1. What’s the warranty of your generator

Our warranty is one year , but we can supply you Components free even out of warranty.

 2. What’s frequency generator you supply?

We can supply generatorr from 15Khz to 70Khz depending on your requirements or application.

 3. What’s the using life of your generator?

Under correct working environment, our generator can work 8~10 years

 4. Does your products exported before?

Yes, our Generator exported to USA,south America, EUROPE, Middle East, and Russia for many years.

 5. Do you supply OEM work?

Yes, welcome to ask for OEM cooperation , we have OEM produced for USA and German customer for many years, also hope to get more OEM order to enlarge our business.

 6. How to customize generator ?

You can buy the PCB board only, and you cuztomize the out box in your local place.

 7. Can you generator connect to PC, PLC or internet .

Yes, we have different version generator, it can connect to PC. PLC, even internet.Also the price different.

 8. What we can get if the transducer/equipment broken during the warranty?

All our transducer and generator tested at least 48 hours before shipment , so we have confidence to our equipment. Of course, We will send you new transducer/ equipment if it broken in the warranty. At the same time, we need to find the problem , why it broken so fast.

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