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  • What’s the application of ultrasonic machining

    What’s the application of ultrasonic machining The recent development of modern hi-tech industries has given rise to the creation of a whole range of new materials. These include high strength, stainless and heat resistant steels and alloys, titanium, ceramics, composites, and other nonmetallic mate

  • Ultrasonic mask equipment

    Ultrasonic mask equipmentAs the epidemic grows globally, masks have become an essential part of life . Of course, the equipment to make masks is also very important.There are a lot of facemask production facilities. For example, the production equipment of planar mask, the N95 mask production equipm

  • Do you know what is Ultrasonic Turning?

    Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Machining In ultrasonic machining, high frequency power supply is connected with ultrasonic transducer, which converts electrical oscillation into ultrasonic mechanical vibration with the same frequency perpendicular to the workpiece surface. Its root amplitude is only 0.005-0.01 mm, and then amplified to 0.05-0.1 mm by horn to drive the end face of the tool for ultrasonic vibration.

  • What is Ultrasonic Compound Machining?

    Composite machining refers to the combination of two or more different types of energy at the same time on the processing site to process the workpiece materials. If one of the processing methods is ultrasonic processing, it is called ultrasonic composite processing. At present, the most widely

  • How to choose the ultrasonic mask machine correctly?

    The ultrasonic mask machine system mainly consists of three major components: the electronic box (main components: the oscillating circuit board is commonly known as the vibration board, and the amplification circuit board is commonly called the crystal seat mainly composed of a triode and a resisto

  • Ultrasonic vibrator introduction

    Ultrasonic vibrator introduction

  • Why is the weld horn mold hot and cracked?

    What is an ultrasonic welding horn?Ultrasonic welding horn is a generic term for all ultrasonic transmitting ends and is an indispensable part of ultrasonic welding equipment. Its function is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer into the object to be processed. Because it trans

  • How is ultrasonic technology applied in metallurgical processes?

    How is ultrasonic technology applied in metallurgical processes?

  • Market development of ultrasonic machining equipment

    Global Ultrasonic Cutting Machines Market Comprehensive Insights and Growth Potential In The Future

  • Ultrasonic Processing Technology

    When the ultrasonic energy acts on the medium, it will cause the high-speed and fine vibration of particles, and produce the changes of mechanical quantities such as velocity, acceleration, sound pressure and sound intensity, thus causing mechanical effects. Ultrasound is a form of transmission of m

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