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what's the application of ultrasonic emulsify

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what's the application of ultrasonic emulsify

What is ultrasonic "emulsification" and what does it do? Ultrasonic emulsification refers to the process of mixing two (or more than two) immiscible liquids to form a dispersion system under the action of ultrasonic energy, in which one liquid is uniformly distributed in the form of a liquid in another liquid to form an emulsion. .

Compared with conventional emulsification processes and equipment such as propellers, colloids, and homogenizers, ultrasonic emulsification has good emulsification quality, the average droplet size of the emulsion is small, and the droplet size distribution range is narrow, which can be 0.1-10μM or more. Narrow, high concentration, pure emulsion concentration can exceed 30%, emulsifier can be as high as 70%, the formed emulsion is more stable (some are stable for several months to more than half a year); low energy consumption; high production efficiency; low cost (ultrasonic emulsification technology An important feature is that it can produce a stable emulsion with or without emulsifier), so it has a wide range of application prospects in various industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, textile, medicine, metallurgy, food, paper, dye and so on.

ultrasonc emusify

For Example, Ultrasonic emulsification of wax and water: It can be said that compared with the traditional emulsion E2 dispersed by mechanical stirring, the key factor to improve the quality, stability and usability of emulsion cosmetics is the size and uniformity of dispersed particles, ultrasonic dispersed emulsion dispersed particles Much smaller (1 μM), good uniformity, and short emulsion formation time, the fundamental reason is that local high temperature and high pressure will be generated when ultrasonic cavitation bubbles burst, accompanied by strong shock waves, so a phase medium can be pulverized into small particles and Dispersed in another phase medium, the ultrasonic emulsification of paraffin and water is based on this principle.

Compared with general emulsification process and equipment (such as propeller, colloid mill and homogenizer, etc.), ultrasonic emulsification has the characteristics of high emulsification quality, stable emulsification, stable emulsification product and low power required.

Phacoemulsification has been applied in a variety of fields and plays a unique role in each field

1 Delicious mayonnaise, chocolate, ice cream, soft drinks, ketchup, artificial milk, after ultrasonic emulsification, the taste becomes more delicate and smooth.

2. Fragrant coffee is emulsified by ultrasonic to become more mellow.

3. In the chemical industry, all kinds of resins, silicone oils, and inks are emulsified by ultrasonic to make the particles finer and easier to coat.

4. The cosmetics industry has applied ultrasonic emulsification to the fullest. All kinds of lotions and creams become easier to absorb under the action of ultrasonic emulsification.




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