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What is the scope of application of ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment?

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What is the scope of application  of ultrasonic impact treatment equipment?


The ultrasonic impact treatment equipment which is using the high power ultrasonic to push impact tool.The equipment hit the metal surface more than 20000 times per second.Due to the high frequency,efficiency and energy of the focused ultrasound,the surface layer of the metal has a large compression plastic deformation;At the same time,it changes the original stress field,producing a certain value of residual  pressure;It also strengthens the impacted part.

The ultrasonic  spin shot machine is also become a series of products.In many fields,they are used widely.For example,Ships, petrochemicals, aviation, railways, wind turbines, steel or composite Bridges, heavy lifting machinery,and so on.The can also be applicable to all kinds of materials welding structure after welding treatment.They can extend the fatigue life and increase the fatigue strength of welded structure.And they will eliminate welding process stress and residual stress in a way.Especially been suitable for post-welding treatment,which cover common joints, bearing joints and welding joints of different materials .


What is Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Process?

The ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) is one of the new and promising processes for fatigue life improvement of welded elements and structures . In most industrial applications this process is also known as ultrasonic Peening (UP)

The UP technique is based on the combined effect of the high frequency impacts of the special strikers and ultrasonic oscillations in treated material.

What are the advantages of Ultra sonic treatment?

Improve fatigue resistance.

Low roughness

Reduction in the amount of medias, energy and compressed air used.

Treatment often possible in-situ without dismantling equipment to isolate the work piece.

What are the applications of Ultra sonic treatment?



Oil & Gas

Ship Construction & Repair



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