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Ultrasound application in the iphone industry

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Ultrasonic welding technology is not a new concept and is more reliable than adhesives. But if you want to combine two completely different materials, such as only with plastic, the ultrasonic welding process is very difficult.

If the metal material has to be replaced with a plastic material due to the bonding problem during the design of the product, this is not ideal for many very delicate portable devices. Apple's vision is to make the surface of the metal bumpy, so that it can better combine the melted plastic material. When the melted plastic material touches the uneven surface of the metal, it gradually cools and finally forms, so that it can be well adhered to the surface of the metal.

This patented technology can be used on external metal parts and internal plastic parts of the iPhone and iPad series. It can increase the flexibility and diversity of product design, and the technology of combining metal and plastic can also be used in the production process. Apple stated in the patent document that this patented technology facilitates the bonding of metal parts during the final stages of equipment assembly.

Such as Apple headphones, iwatch, apple watch, Apple Watch with seamless welding



In the production process of the traditional earphones, the earphone casings are mostly glued together, and some of them are connected by snaps, but all have the disadvantages that the connection is not firm, easy to be disassembled and destroyed. Therefore, according to a few months ago, Apple used ultrasonic welding technology on this new generation of headphones.

The result of this treatment not only makes the Apple earphones do not need to use glue after assembly, but the machining precision of the mold is theoretically lower than that of the buckle, and can hardly be disassembled without using destructive means - the same, further improving the Apple earphone Rugged durability. But you don't have to look at this technology too much. In fact, the power adapter used on laptops (the big, bulky black plastic block on your laptop's power cord) has been popularized a few years ago. technology.



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