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  • RPS-SONIC help all machine factorys on the mask machine

    “In the face of the sudden epidemic, the gaps in masks and medical protective clothing have become prominent. The epidemic is the order. RPS-SONIC actively responded to the call of the country, with its own technical research and development capabilities and rich application experience in the field of ultrasonic processing, and urgently organized resources to upgrade technology and recovery. We have provided a large number of ultrasonic welding systems for medical machinery manufacturers around the world. We have exported large quantity of ultrasonic welding equipments to Korea, Turkey and Iran.

  • How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:

    How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:One: Tuning.First of all, the quality must be excellent when purchasing. Whether it is an analog electric box or an intelligent electric box, you must purchase equipment that has been debugged and matched in advance. Eac

  • what material can be welded by ultrasonic plastic welding ?

    Which plastics can the ultrasonic welding machine weld?Ultrasonic welding machines can weld a lot of materials, but there are not many materials that are really suitable for ultrasonic welding machines. Why do you say this? The following details:The materials that can be welded by ultrasonic welding

  • How to balance an ultrasonic transducer

    What’s ultrasonic transducer Ultrasonic transducers are devices that convert sound energy and electrical energy. Sound energy and electrical energy can be converted to each other.Ultrasonic transducers can be divided into two categories according to material, one is a magnetostrictive transducer, an

  • What’s ultrasonic generator?

    What’s ultrasonic generator? The ultrasonic generator is essentially a power generator that generates a sinusoidal signal of a certain frequency, which is conducted to the transducer through a cable coupling line, and the transducer converts the electrical signal provided by the ultrasonic generator

  • What's the Principle and theory of ultrasonic plastic welding machine?

    What's the Principle and theory of ultrasonic plastic welding machine? The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding machine? How does ultrasonic welding work? what's the composition and function of ultrasonic plastic welding machine What's the core parts in ultrasonic plastic welding machine Ultrasonic plastic welding machine models and specifications? What's the Advantages of ultrasonic welding?

  • How ultrasonics technology infection control in nonwovens

    How ultrasonics power infection control in nonwovensCreating personal protective equipment using ultrasonic technology and nonwoven materials offers several advantages over sewing, including infection control.Ultrasonic welders and tooling can cut, seam, and bond a wide variety of nonwoven fabrics w

  • What's the Principle of Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing

    Principle of Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine:Ultrasonic plastic hose sealing and welding machine is a 20KHZ high-voltage high-frequency electric signal generated by an ultrasonic generator, and then an ultrasonic converter is used to convert the high-frequency electric energy into mechanical

  • Do you understand the Ultrasonic Impact Treatment ?

    Do you understand the Ultrasonic Impact Treatment ? High Frequency Mechanical Impact (HFMI), also known as Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT ), is a high-frequency weld impact treatment designed to improve the fatigue resistance of welded structures.In most industrial applications this process is al

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