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Ultrasonic welding application

These articles are all highly relevant Ultrasonic welding application. I believe this information can help you understand Ultrasonic welding application's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • How can the ultrasonic welding machine get better welding effect?

    In the process of practical consumption, not all plastic materials can stop welding. Plastics that can be welded by ultrasonic wave belong to thermoplastics. As long as thermoplastics with the same or similar molecular structure can stop welding and chemical separation between molecules on the welding surface, the closer the parent material is, the better the welding effect. The better the fruit. The following figure is a comparison of welding compatibility of some common plastics. We also need to think about the factors that affect the quality of welding to get better welding results. When stopping welding, pressure, time and heat absorption (melting amount) are the three elements to ensure welding quality.

  • How is ultrasonic automatic welding applied in modern industry?

    Ultrasonic automobile welding equipment is mainly used in automobile door welding, automobile instrument welding, automobile lamp mirror welding, sunshade welding, interior decoration welding, filter welding, reflective material welding, reflective track nail welding, bumper welding, cable welding, motorcycle plastic filter welding, radiator welding, manufacturing. Dynamic tank welding, oil cup welding, water tank welding, oil tank ultrasonic welding, wind pipe ultrasonic welding, tail gas purifier ultrasonic welding, tray filter plate ultrasonic welding and so on.

  • Ultrasonic welding application - electronic telecommunications

    Electronic and electrical components are found everywhere in the industrial manufacturing sector, in automation technology and in everyday life. In the production process, ultrasonic welding is the most suitable to meet the many requirements of the product. Ultrasonic welding reduces production cost

  • What are the applications of ultrasonic welding on household appliances?

    Household appliances have higher requirements. Sealing, strength, dimensional accuracy, and a good appearance are just the most basic requirements. Whether it is small batch production or fully automated production line, as an economical connection process, ultrasonic welding can provide great flexi

  • Principles and techniques of PPS ultrasonic welding

    I. OverviewPPS (polyphenylene sulfide) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with a steep melting curve and a high melting temperature (285 ° C, 545 ° F), and its pure PPS is not suitable for ultrasonic welding. However, after the addition of glass fiber and other fillers, the rigidity of the PPS mixt

  • Ultrasound application in the iphone industry

    Ultrasonic welding technology is not a new concept and is more reliable than adhesives. But if you want to combine two completely different materials, such as only with plastic, the ultrasonic welding process is very difficult.If the metal material has to be replaced with a plastic material due to t




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