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RPS-SONIC help all machine factorys on the mask machine

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At the end of January 2020, the sudden outbreak of the  COVID-19 made us in big short of mask.

The National Development and Reform Commission announced on March 2 that on February 29, the national daily production capacity of masks reached 110 million, and the daily output reached 116 million, which was 5.2 times and 12 times that of February 1, respectively. The contradiction between supply and demand for masks was further eased. With the development and change of the epidemic, the global epidemic exceeds one million, and the global demand for masks has increased sharply, which has led to another increase in the demand for mask equipment and supporting systems in various industries.

The output of masks exceeded 100 million in a short period of time, which can be regarded as an industrial miracle. In order to achieve such a miracle, in addition to the struggle and dedication of countless companies and individuals, the support of various innovative technologies is also particularly important. For example, the very critical ultrasonic welding process in the production of masks. The ultrasonic welding equipment used by manufacturers is directly related to the efficiency and quality of mask production. In the face of the severe global epidemic, the RPS-SONIC team has been engaged in the ultrasonic industry for many years. With its own technological accumulation and precipitation, it has provided the most efficient ultrasonic welding system, mask edge welding , mask slicer , and mask ear loop  Welding and horns have contributed to the production of epidemic prevention materials during the epidemic.

“In the face of the sudden epidemic, the gaps in masks and medical protective clothing have become prominent. The epidemic is the order. RPS-SONIC actively responded to the call of the country, with its own technical research and development capabilities and rich application experience in the field of ultrasonic processing, and urgently organized resources to upgrade technology and recovery. We have provided a large number of ultrasonic welding systems for medical machinery manufacturers around the world. We have exported  large quantity of ultrasonic welding equipments to Korea, Turkey and Iran.

The ultrasonic welding system is suitable for the four welding processes of mask slicer, nose bridge welding, sealing welding, multi-layer seam welding and ear loop  welding on masks and medical protective clothing, and is especially suitable for the production quality of medical catheters, filters, diapers, etc. Highly demanding plastic material processing.

Compared with similar products, this ultrasonic welding system does not require solvents, adhesives or other auxiliary materials during processing, and is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. At the same time, the system has an automatic frequency tracking function, without manual adjustment, can intelligently match different product types, can effectively replace traditional manual welding, greatly improve production efficiency, and effectively reduce costs. In addition to the rapid supply of ultrasonic welding systems, RPS-SONIC has not slackened in terms of service guarantee. RPS-SONIC will have professional after-sales service personnel to provide technical services on-site for all kinds of problems encountered by users in actual use. Even if the traffic inconvenience in overseas markets is blocked due to epidemic prevention, RPS-SONIC technology and sales teams have passed The communication software answers various questions for customers in time.

The increase in the medical industry is not just because of the epidemic. "This sudden epidemic has made us deeply aware of the importance of the medical security system. The development of the medical industry is worthy of every enterprise." It has also strengthened RPS-SONIC's long-term engagement. The ultrasound industry serves users in the fields of consumer electronics, electrical appliances, medical, automotive, aviation and military industries, home appliances and molds, and general precision manufacturing worldwide, and contributes to all sectors of society.




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