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How is the bike reflector fixed?

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    The two most widely used reflectors for bicycles are circular and strip-shaped. The plastic material is PC and PMMA. After the injection parts are assembled, the assembly process is completed by ultrasonic welding machine. They are mainly mounted on the side or front shock absorber of bicycles. The diameter of the reflectors is 59mm. They are yellow and red. Usually, they are mounted in yellow style. The back is screw fixed, double-sided adhesive can also be used; mainly used for domestic cyclists, beam bending bicycles, scooters, electric bicycles, beach cars and so on. 


    Ultrasonic welding machine for bicycle reflex lamp can be called reflex welding equipment. Ultrasonic technology is used to weld the upper and lower shells of the reflex plate firmly, and the products are made good ultrasonic welding line, replacing the original screw-twisting process, which is more efficient and cost-saving.

Parameters of ultrasonic welding machine for bicycle reflector lamps:

  • Structural stability: the use of internationally popular square steel column structure, reduced by 40% of the backward tilt.

  • Environmental protection:  use advanced environmental protection powder spraying to bake paint. Therefore, the environmental pollution caused by electroplating can be reduced.

  • High Precision:  adopt high precision dovetail groove guiding structure of machine tool, which is the accuracy required for the production of ultrasonic equipment.



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