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ultrasonic welding machine

These are related to the ultrasonic welding machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in ultrasonic welding machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand ultrasonic welding machine market.
  • Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly Application

    WHAT is ultrasonic assembly?The basic principle of ultrasonic assembly is the conversion of standard 50/60 Hz power to 15 kHz, 20 kHz or 40 kHz. This electrical energy travels through a piezoelectric converter.The converter, typically lead zirconate titanate, expands and contracts at the same freque

  • What chemical changes can ultrasonic sonochemical devices make?

    Ultrasonic chemical treatment technology as a physical means and tool can produce a series of near-extreme conditions in the medium of chemical reaction. This energy can not only stimulate or promote many chemical reactions, accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, but also change the direction of some chemical reactions and produce some desirable results. The ineffective and miracle is ultrasonic chemistry. Ultrasonic chemistry can be applied to almost all chemical reactions, such as extraction and separation, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, microbial control, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, biodegradation treatment, cell comminution, dispersion and coagulation, etc.

  • Do you know that the ultrasonic welding machine is being automated?

    It is a general trend that the welding automation of ultrasonic welding machine replaces the traditional manual welding. The next development direction of the welding automation industry in the next few years is to realize the phased development of point, line and surface from single welding automation equipment to digital welding workshop. Welding automation equipment usually integrates welding technology, automatic control, precision mechanical design and manufacture and other technologies.

  • How can the ultrasonic welding machine get better welding effect?

    In the process of practical consumption, not all plastic materials can stop welding. Plastics that can be welded by ultrasonic wave belong to thermoplastics. As long as thermoplastics with the same or similar molecular structure can stop welding and chemical separation between molecules on the welding surface, the closer the parent material is, the better the welding effect. The better the fruit. The following figure is a comparison of welding compatibility of some common plastics. We also need to think about the factors that affect the quality of welding to get better welding results. When stopping welding, pressure, time and heat absorption (melting amount) are the three elements to ensure welding quality.

  • How to choose the power and frequency of ultrasonic welding matchine?

    It is complex to choose a suitable ultrasonic welding machine. At the same time, you should consider many factors. Usually, the selection is based on product size and welding requirements. When choosing the ultrasonic welding machine, one of the key factors to be considered is the operating

  • What is the difference between ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic plastic welding?

    1. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine When ultrasonic acts on the thermoplastic plastic interface, it produces tens of thousands of high-frequency vibration per second. This kind of high-frequency vibration reaches a certain amplitude. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper welding parts. Because the acoustic resistance of the welding area, i.e. the interface between two welding parts, is high, local high temperature will be generated.

  • What effect does the pressure change have on the effect of ultrasonic welding ?

    What effect does the pressure change have on the effect of ultrasonic welding ?

  • How did the ultrasonic generator develop?

    Ultrasonic generator (or power supply) is a device used to generate and provide ultrasonic energy to the ultrasonic transducer to work at the resonant frequency. According to its excitation mode, it can be divided into two types: one is his excitation mode, the other is self-excitation mode. The o

  • How to Maintain the Horn of the Dismantled Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

    Ultrasonic welding machine because of the expensive price of equipment, a machine often needs to weld different plastic products, so different moulds need to be replaced to achieve a multi-purpose machine, and the replaced moulds can not be placed freely, it is best to maintain properly and extend t

  • Is ultrasonic welding machine harmful to human beings?

    Ultrasonic wave is not a source of radiation, it is produced by the vibration of objects, so the operation of ultrasonic welding machine will not harm human body. Moreover, it can achieve high-speed vibration heating of objects through ultrasound, so it has higher welding efficiency and energy-savin

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