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Do you know that the ultrasonic welding machine is being automated?

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 Do you know that the ultrasonic welding machine is being automated? 

   With the improvement of science and technology, the development of the times and the development of automation machinery industry, all walks of life in our country have been steadily promoted. At present, the automation machinery industry has been faced with the immeasurable value of representative automation machinery to businessmen. Many people can not complete the production capacity, automation machinery can be completed very well, and reduce the investment of enterprises, and get huge returns. As far as the automatic ultrasonic welding machine is concerned, instead of the traditional manual operation, the speed of a machine can be compared with that of 3-4 manual operation. The quality of the machine has been greatly promoted and resources will not be stretched. Why not?

    It is a general trend that the welding automation of ultrasonic welding machine replaces the traditional manual welding. The next development direction of the welding automation industry in the next few years is to realize the phased development of point, line and surface from single welding automation equipment to digital welding workshop. Welding automation equipment usually integrates welding technology, automatic control, precision mechanical design and manufacture and other technologies. With the development and wide application of automation of ultrasonic welding machine, intellectualization of ultrasonic welding machine and digitization of ultrasonic welding machine, welding of ultrasonic welding machine is becoming more and more popular. Machine welding automation is developing from single welding automation equipment to welding automation production line and digital welding workshop. 

Benefits of automation of ultrasonic welding machine:

(1) The number of employees accounts for about 20-30%. It is of great significance for enterprises to improve the automation level of welding processing to save cost, improve efficiency and achieve sustainable and high-speed development. Taking typical structural parts of construction machinery as an example, the work efficiency of welding robot workstation is five times that of manual welding, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

(2) Welding work to improve the manipulation environment by hand is regarded as a harmful kind of work. In 2002, the legal occupational disease catalogue announced by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security officially included welding occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis and electro-optic ophthalmia of welders, as well as manganese and manganese which may cause harm to welding profession. Occupational diseases such as compound poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, occupational radiation diseases, electro-optic dermatitis and metal fume fever were reported. The welding automation equipment of ultrasonic welding machine changes manual operation into automated mechanical operation, which can avoid the occurrence of the above occupational diseases and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Through the matching of welding automation equipment with other systems such as automatic transmission system and automatic detection system, the automatic production line can be formed, which can greatly improve the overall environmental conditions in the production workshop.

(3) Promote product quality In the manufacturing process of welding machine with manual ultrasonic welding machine, incorrect manual control of welding process (arc initiation, arc closing, welding trajectory and parameter setting, etc.) leads to bad weld forming, and easily produces gas holes, cracks and unfused defects in welding parts. In the process of manufacturing, the arc combustion is not disorderly, the composition of the joint is average, the weld is well formed, the weld joints are few, and the filler metal depositing rate is high. The welding process parameters realize automatic storage and output, which can ensure the correctness of the process parameters, the realization of special welding requirements and the repeatability of the weld quality. Welding automation has the advantage in promoting product quality. Automatic welding has gradually replaced manual welding as the main method of welding processing.

(4) Operating Cost Reduction With the rising cost of labor force, the function and efficiency of welding automation equipment are improving and the price is decreasing. Compared with manual welding, automatic ultrasonic welding machine has the advantage of cost in the long run. At the same time, the welding automation equipment of ultrasonic welding machine has the high efficiency. High non-chaotic advantage enables manufacturers to quickly recover input costs of welding systems and improve welding quality. 

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