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what material can be welded by ultrasonic plastic welding ?

Views: 177     Author: Yvonne Han     Publish Time: 2019-09-24      Origin: Site

                                                       what material can be welded by ultrasonic plastic welding ?

Ultrasonic welding machines can weld a lot of materials, but there are few materials that are really suitable for ultrasonic welding machines. 

The materials that can be welded by ultrasonic welding machine are: ABS, Acetal, PPS, PS, HIPS475, PC+ABS, PBT, PPE, PPO, PSF, PE, PC,

PA, POM, SAN, PP, PVC, PMMA and other materials,  at the same time some of these materials can be welded by an ultrasonic welding machine, but  the welding results can't meet the requirements.

Let's analysis the material in details:

The most suitable materials for welding by ultrasonic welding machine are: ABS, PS. These two materials can be welded perfectly. It is recommended that you choose these two raw materials when you produce the product. it will avoid a lot of trouble when producing. 

The characteristics of the material:

1. Acetal material has high tensile strength and compressive strength, good wear resistance, strongest strength and strongness. It is often used as a training, screw, bearing, roller, kitchen utensils, etc. Because of the low grinding coefficient, it is necessary to use ultrasonic welding. High vibration amplitude and long welding time.

2, ester acid woven materials, ultrasonic welding machine ultrasonic vibration when the material is easy to change color, contact surface is not easy to absorb energy, welding is more difficult.

3, PP material is light in weight, has good insulation, high strength, can resist heat and chemical agents, and can be made into rope and other fabrics after spinning. Products include toys, luggage, music enclosures, electrical insulation, food packaging, and the like. Due to the low modulus of elasticity, this material is easy to attenuate the vibration of sound waves and is difficult to weld.

4, ABS material, benzene olefin copolymer, light weight, both sturdy, rigid and chemical resistance, widely used, this material has good thermal conductivity, especially suitable for ultrasonic welding machine welding.

5, PS material, light weight, strong resistance to water and chemicals, stability, good insulation, especially suitable for injection and extrusion molding, often in toys, decorations, washing equipment, tweezers, lenses, float Manufacturing of wheels, etc. Due to the high elasticity coefficient, it is suitable for ultrasonic welding machine welding.

6, PMMA (acrylic) material, hardness, resistance to heavy blows, not affected by acid, high optical clarity, good coloration, commonly used in automotive taillights, board, medals, faucet handles. When using an ultrasonic welding machine, attention must be paid to the problem of deterioration.

ultrasonic plastic welding material

Yellow- easy to welding       Blue- can be welding   White: impossible to be welded.




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