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How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:

Views: 1055     Author: Yvonne Han     Publish Time: 2020-09-02      Origin: www.rps-sonic.com

How to extend and solve the application of ultrasonic equipment in mask machine:

One: Tuning.

First of all, the quality of the ultrasonic equipment must be excellent when purchasing. Whether it is an analog ultrasonic generator or digital ultrasonic generator , you must purchase equipment that has been debugged and matched in advance. Each set of ultrasonic equipment has its own fixed frequency, and good matching and tuning is the prerequisite for stable work. Each RPS-SONIC device will be matched and debugged one to one before leaving the factory.

Two: Materials.

Transducer material and tool head material are both critical.

There are two key materials in the transducer, piezoelectric ceramic sheet & aluminum. The piezoelectric ceramic sheet mainly affects the temperature rise of the ceramic sheet. Good ceramic chips, such as: China Risheng, Germany Ceramic, it will be stable when the temperature rises to about 50 degree. The maximum temperature that the ceramic chip can withstand is 70 degrees, so good temperature rise control is the first key to service life. RPS-SONIC chooses Risheng ceramic chips, and never uses ceramic chips from other small brands.

The aluminum material of the transducer mainly bears the pressure of the transducer. Therefore, high-quality aluminum must be used. If the aluminum material is not good, the aluminum crack of the transducer may occur. RPS-SONIC's aluminum transducers are all imported from Japan. check the photo as follows:

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-19 at 11.56.18 AM

Ultrasonic welding horn materials mainly involve heat dissipation and service life issues. Generally, steel molds are used in mask machines, but in fact, considering the service life issue, titanium alloy abrasive tools are the best choice. In the heyday of the mask machine, the time to change an abrasive tool may affect your income of tens of thousands, so under conditions, it is better to choose titanium alloy materials. Even the steel membrane involves many material issues, such as skd11, DC53, D2, etc., so good abrasive tools cannot be separated from good materials. Of course, price is also a very important factor. RPS-SONIC provides molds of various models and materials, you can choose according to your own usage. There is no problem with customize abrasives.

Three: Cooperating with mask machine

If possible, it is best to ask a professional tuning master for tuning. The mask machine must be debugged before operation. The speed of the mask machine and the pressure on the ultrasonic welding horn will affect the operation of the equipment. If the pursuit of maximum speed, we recommend using more powerful ultrasonic equipment, the profit is 15K 4200W, or 3600W. In the case that the hob can be cut down and can be shot, we recommend that the pressure be adjusted to the minimum. If the pressure is too high, the electric box will be overloaded, or the mold will wear out. The speed adjustment needs to be adjusted according to the material thickness and the ultrasonic power test, and finally the best data can be obtained.

Four: heat dissipation

Mask machine equipment is continuous work, so the horn will heat up, causing a series of problems. Good heat dissipation conditions are very important. We generally ventilate cold for heat dissipation. But before air cooling, be sure to filter the air moisture to ensure that the air-conditioning received by the mold is dry, otherwise it will accelerate the rust of the abrasive tool and affect the service life.




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