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  • Formation and Influencing Factors of Ultrasonic Atomization

    Formation and Influencing Factors of Ultrasound Atomization

  • What are the parameters that affect the welding effect?

    What welding parameters are there for ultrasonic welding? How to choose?The main welding parameters for ultrasonic welding are: required power, vibration frequency, static pressure and welding time. (1) Required power Depending on the thickness and hardness of the weldment, it can be determined b

  • What's the relationship bewteen ultrasonic amplitude and energy

    The amplitude is a key parameter for the material to be welded, which is equivalent to the temperature of ferrochrome. If the temperature is too low, it will not be welded. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will burn or cause structural damage and strength. Because each transducer is

  • Common Question about Ultrasonic Extraction System

    A. What is the optimal throughput for equipment extraction? How many liters of volume is best?1. The optimal processing capacity of the equipment has a great relationship with the production process factors.2, the main factors affecting the ultrasonic power, processing medium, medium temperature, mi




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