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Common Question about Ultrasonic Extraction System

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Common Question about Ultrasonic Extraction System

A. What is the optimal throughput for ultrasonic extraction? How many liters of volume is best?

1. The optimal processing capacity of the equipment has a great relationship with the production process factors.

2, the main factors affecting the ultrasonic power, processing medium, medium temperature, mixing, etc. have a great relationship.

3. Example: Under suitable conditions, the sonochemistry at a power of 1500 W, the extraction of polysaccharides from loquat leaves, the extraction rate is 94.8%, the extraction time is 30 minutes

4. application examples: improve the production of Liuwei Dihuang Pill semi-finished products, 5L volume, a total of 8 sets of 1500W ultrasonic equipment, the extraction rate 10% increased.

5. For buyer have no experience in ultrasonic extract area, we suggest you buy one sonochemistry equipment at first, can test it in small volume.

B.Which frequency is best choice for extract area ?

1.For industry area, the capacity more than 10L, we recommend you the high power ultrasonic sonochemsitry equipment.

2.The mainly ultrasonic sonochemistry equipment is 15kH, 20kHZ,28kHZ.Power larger than 1500W per set.

3.For some test application, in order to avoid noise, we recommend you equipment less than 1000W.

C.Is it necessary to add other chemical catalysts to extract Chinese medicine?

1. The application of ultrasonic equipment to extract Chinese medicine is mainly the application of ultrasonic cavitation effect ,the microbubbles dissolved in the medium are enlarged under the action of ultrasonic waves to form a resonant cavity, and then instantaneously closed, it is called cavitation . This is a physical process. In theory, the application of ultrasonic waves for Chinese medicine extraction does not require chemical catalysts.

2. However, in actual use, adding a small amount of catalyst or auxiliary equipment is more conducive to the improvement of extraction rate.

D. What are the advantages of ultrasonic extract compared to other processes? Will there be any other reaction?

1. Improve extraction efficiency: The unique physical properties of ultrasound promote the breakage or deformation of plant cell tissue, so that the extraction of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine is more complete, and the extraction rate is significantly improved compared with the traditional process (depending on the process and materials);

2. Shorten the extraction time: Ultrasonic-enhanced Chinese medicine extraction usually obtains the best extraction rate in 20-60 minutes. The extraction time is greatly shortened by more than 2/3 compared with the traditional method, and the raw material processing capacity of the medicinal materials is large.

3. Reduce the extraction temperature: The optimum temperature for ultrasonic extraction of Chinese herbal medicines is 0-60 °C, which has protective effect on the active ingredients in the heat-labile, easily hydrolyzed or oxidized medicinal materials, and greatly saves energy consumption; the general extraction temperature is 40-60 ° C, to protect the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine.

4. Enhance adaptability: Ultrasonic extraction of Chinese herbal medicines is not limited by the polarity of components and molecular weight, and is suitable for the extraction of most kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and various components.


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