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What material is suitable for ultrasonic welding?

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The invention of ultrasonic welding machine makes the products of ultrasonic welding more and more deeply into people's daily life. When using the ultrasonic welding machine, do you know the material that the ultrasonic welding machine is suitable for welding? 

There are several kinds materials which is suitable for ultrasonic welding:

1. Acetals

Tensile and compressive strength is high, wear resistance is good, the most powerful and strong, often used for coaching, screw, bearing, roller, kitchen appliances, etc. Because of low wear coefficient, ultrasonic welding requires high vibration amplitude and longer welding time.

2. Ester acid weaving and vitamin substances

The material of ultrasonic welding machine is easy to change and discolor when it vibrates, and the contact surface is not easy to absorb energy, so it is difficult to weld.

3. Polypropylene

Light weight, good insulation, high strength, heat resistance and chemical erosion, can be made into rope and other fabrics after wire drawing. Products include toys, suitcases, music shells, electrical insulators, food packaging and so on. Because of its low elastic coefficient, this material is easy to attenuate acoustic vibration and difficult to weld.


4. Propylene butadiene

Benzene copolymer, light weight, both brevity, rigidity and chemical resistance, has a wide range of applications. This material has good thermal conductivity, especially suitable for ultrasonic welding.

5. Polystyrene

Light weight, strong corrosion resistance to water and chemicals, good stability and insulation, especially suitable for injection and extrusion forming, often used in toys, decorations, peeling equipment, pans, lenses, floating wheels and other manufacturing. Because of its high elastic strength coefficient, it is suitable for ultrasonic welding.


6. Acrylic

Hardness, strong impact resistance, no acid effect, high optical clarity, good coloring, often used in automobile taillights, signboard, medals, faucet handles, etc. When used in ultrasonic welding machine, attention should be paid to the problem of fading brightness.




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