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What are the differences between different frequencies of ultrasonic welding machines?

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   What are the differences between different frequencies of ultrasonic welding machines? 

 Ultrasonic welding machine oscillates high frequency signal from transducer to mechanical energy through oscillating circuit. The energy is transmitted to the workpiece through welding head. With hundreds of thousands of vibrations per second and pressure, the workpiece's joint surface melts after severe friction. The transient pressure maintained on the workpiece after vibration solidifies the two weldments as a whole by means of molecular linkage. 

Advantages of ultrasonic welding machine:

1. No spark welding, environmental protection and safety.

2. Close to cold processing, no annealing of the workpiece, trace of pentoxide.

3. High fusion strength, non-melting welding materials, non-fragile metal characteristics.

4. Ultrasonic welding is fast, each welding time is 0.01-9.99 seconds.

5. Low requirements for welded metal surface, oxidation or electroplating can be welded.

6. Ultrasonic strength can withstand large tension and high pressure.

7. Economical, cost-saving, labor-saving, no screw, glue.

8. the product quality can achieve no leakage, no gas leakage, gas tightness and other ultrasonic welding effect.

    According to different frequencies, ultrasonic welding can be divided into 40khz, 35khz, 28khz, 20kHz and 15khz. The differences between different frequencies of ultrasonic welding are as follows:

1. Different uses

The higher the frequency, the smaller the amplitude, and the smaller the corresponding power. So the high frequency (40khz/35khz) welding machine is used to weld plastic parts with small size and precision; the 28kHz welding machine is mostly used for hand spot welding machine; the 20khz/15khz ultrasonic welding machine is used to weld large and complex plastic parts.

2. Different sizes of ultrasonic moulds

Semi-wave welding head is the most common type of ultrasonic die. The die sizes of different frequency ultrasonic welding machines are different. 40K die (7cm), 35kHz die (8cm), 28kHz die (10cm), 20kHz die (13cm), 15KHz die (17cm). Measuring the length of the ultrasonic mould is also one of the important indexes to judge the frequency.

3. Different structures

The sound production structure of high frequency welding machine (40 khz, 35 khz, 28 khz) is split (transducer + horn is a single component), desktop ultrasonic welding machine (20 khz, 15 khz) is integrated (transducer + horn is a whole component).




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