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Ultrasonic Welding of Copper Terminal and Bare Copper Wire

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Ultrasonic metal welding is a special method of connecting the same metal or different metal by using mechanical vibration energy of ultrasonic frequency. When metal is welded by ultrasonic wave, it neither conveys electric current to the workpiece nor applies high temperature heat source to the workpiece, but transforms mechanical energy into internal energy, deformation energy and heat under static pressure. Limited temperature rise. Solid phase welding occurs when two base metals reach recrystallization temperature. Therefore, it effectively overcomes the spatter and oxidation phenomena during resistance welding. Ultrasonic metal welding machine can weld thin wires or sheets of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminium and nickel by single spot welding, multi-spot welding and short strip welding. It is widely used in welding of thyristor lead, fuse, electrical lead, lithium battery electrode and ear. 


Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine is suitable for:

The thickness of copper terminal is less than 3mm. The material includes copper, aluminium, tin-plated copper sheet, nickel-plated copper sheet, etc.

Copper wire harness cross-sectional area (0.2-40mm2), including enameled wire (de-lacquered), copper wire, aluminum wire and so on.


The advantages of ultrasonic metal welding technology are as follows: 

1. Low welding temperature, non-melting welding materials and non-fragile metal characteristics.

2. The electrical conductivity after welding is good, and the resistance performance is better than other welding processes.

3. High welding efficiency without any flux, gas or solder. 

4. Welding without spark, environmental protection and safety. 




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