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U disk ultrasonic plastic seamless welding technology

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U disk ultrasonic plastic seamless welding technology

U disk, full name USB flash drive, English name USB flashdisk.

It is a USB interface with a micro-high-capacity mobile storage product that does not require a physical drive. It can be connected to a computer via a USB interface for plug-and-play.

The flash disk interface has RS-232, USB, SCSI, IEEE-1394, E-SATA and so on. Strictly speaking, as long as the USB interface flash disk is called U disk.

It is used to store photos, materials, and impressions. The area is only 1 cm square, and the portable mobile storage is completed, which greatly improves the working power and makes the human life faster.


The biggest strength of the U disk is: compact and easy to carry, large storage capacity, low price and reliable function.

U disk uses ultrasonic seamless welding skills, strong and wear-resistant, has a strong anti-seismic function, the application of high-speed USB2.0 interface makes its function is also very good.

The use of ultrasonic seamless welding skills will make the U disk anti-vibration, anti-magnetic, moisture-proof, and longer life.

Ultrasonic U disk special welding machine body is light, easy to carry, easy to operate; can be used independently, and can cooperate with other automation equipment; sound insulation planning to effectively control sound wave transmission; use imported parts to ensure reliable quality; use ultra-low pressure to start, ensure The processed products are more refined.





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