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How to make a good ultrasonic horn

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How to make a good ultrasonic horn

How to make ultrasonic horn? First, let's understand the properties of ultrasonic welding horn:

According to the welding requirements of the product, the service life of the ultrasonic mold is analyzed, and then the aluminum alloy or titanium alloy is used to make the ultrasonic plastic mold.

Shape design of the product: What kind of welding process is used to determine the specifications of the ultrasonic mold, the pressure transmission area, the deformation that may occur when the product is fused, and how much ultrasonic plastic welding machine is required to weld. Whether it is a welding completion or a secondary welding is completed.

Product material: Determine the working amplitude of the ultrasonic mold, which should accept the ultrasonic energy, the form, position and size of the energy guiding line. How to design the fuser and the soldering surface when combining different plastics.

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In the production of ultrasonic plastic welding molds, comprehensive consideration of the following factors: 1, product requirements: determine the life of the mold, wear rate, and therefore decide which metal to use. 2. Shape of the product: What kind of welding process is used to set the size of the mold, the pressure transmission area, the deformation that may occur when the product is fused, and how much power and function is required.

Ultrasonic mold material: Material is one of the main reasons to ensure the effect of ultrasonic mold life on the fusion product. The process of mold completion is complicated. Therefore, it is not only the design of the mold engineer that the material must be carefully selected, but also the material that the product requires to be used to avoid inadvertent influence on its timeliness and quality.

Ansys ultrasonic mold simulation

Each 3D design of the welding head is subjected to finite element analysis, and the finished product is strictly tested by the analyzer to ensure the consistency of the ultrasonic welding head amplitude of the welded part of the product. In order to effectively suppress the lateral vibration of the ultrasonic mold, the ultrasonic mold must first be determined by the frequency equation. The longitudinal and lateral resonant frequencies are slotted to suppress the lateral vibration mode close to the fundamental frequency of the longitudinal vibration of the ultrasonic mold. The groove must be located at the node of the transverse vibration mode of the ultrasonic mold, and the size of the opening must be properly selected. In order to be cost-effective, strong lateral vibration should be suppressed, so that the lateral vibration of the large-sized tool can be effectively suppressed and improved. The displacement distribution of the ultrasonic wave surface of the ultrasonic mold is uniform, and the longitudinal working efficiency of the ultrasonic vibration system is improved, and the ideal ultrasonic welding effect is obtained.

FEA analysis of ultrasonic horn

Heat treatment: The heat treatment of the ultrasonic welding metal mold is as important as the material. The stable heat treatment process requires high efficiency and wear resistance. We have a record of each weld head heat treatment process, we have a high demand heat treatment process.

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Ultrasonic welding tooling fixtures are customized according to customer requirements: only provide drawings or products, we can design and process according to customer's requirements. In addition, spare parts processing can be provided: product (sample) parameter processing basis: design and processing according to the drawings, samples or functional requirements provided by the customer.

Ultrasonic mother welding

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