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How to Maintain the Horn of the Dismantled Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

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  Ultrasonic welding machine because of the expensive price of equipment, a machine often needs to weld different plastic products, so different moulds need to be replaced to achieve a multi-purpose machine, and the replaced moulds can not be placed freely, it is best to maintain properly and extend their service life as far as possible. 

1. Don't put the ultrasonic mould in the dark and humid area.

Ultrasonic mold materials are mostly magnesium-aluminium alloy, which will be oxidized in wet space for a long time, forming oxide layer on the surface, and the oxide layer will change the frequency of the mold.

2. The screw joint needs oiling maintenance.

After a long period of work, the connecting part of the die will become uneven and black as well. The dismantled die must be wiped with a cloth on the black part. If the pits and holes need to be polished with fine sandpaper and oiled on the connecting part.

3. Avoid bruising.

After removing the mould, wrap it in oil paper or cloth and do not collide with other hard materials.




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