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Application of ultrasonic welding equipment on packaging

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Ultrasonic sealing provides the possibility of using thermoplastic coated packaging materials such as capsules, bags, beverage cartons, beverage cups and covers: even if fillers remain in the weld area, high speed production and manufacturing are ensured. A tight weld seam. With the help of ultrasonic technology, process optimization and product verification can be easily achieved. Ultrasonic bonding technology is used in injection molded plastic parts. The intelligent software and rich style of the welding machine can fully meet your individual needs: precise, comprehensive and economical.


PET material packaging

In PET applications, ultrasonic energy quickly reaches high melting points and increases throughput. Sealing and separation of the blister can be achieved, and the opening and authentic anti-counterfeiting functions can also be easily realized.



Beverage soft packaging

Ultrasonic welding is especially suitable for coated cardboard packaging materials. Although the product is wet, it still guarantees the sealing of the weld, and whether it has an aluminum film has no effect. The nozzles can be integrated normally. The sealing time is short and the output is high. Repeatable welding parameters ensure consistent seal quality.



Film packaging

Ultrasonic energy allows safe separation of residual products in the weld area to ensure absolute sealing. This significantly reduces the number of package leaks and enhances product durability. Our company fully demonstrates this advantage in the longitudinal continuous welding and horizontal intermittent welding of stand-up bags, zipper bags and hose bags.



Shell & top cover

The sealing of the top cover film, the welding of the sealing ring and the packaging sealing of the filter are the most important applications for solving with several ultrasonic waves. The welding mold positions the film by vacuum. A mold that does not require heating guarantees durability and protects the product.



Ultrasonic The latest industrial welding technology, not only welding precision, high product density, stability is also recognized. According to the needs and characteristics of our customers' products, our company can also provide customized services, specially designed for customers' products and industries, to produce the most suitable ultrasonic plastic welding machinery, improve production efficiency and save many parts and supplies, follow-up services It can track in real time and let customers enjoy the most considerate service.




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