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Application and Development of Ultrasonic Technology

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Application and Development of Ultrasonic Technology

    Ultrasonic technology plays a tremendous role in industry, agriculture, medicine and other fields. It is closely related to metallurgy, machinery, agriculture, biology, materials, food and other disciplines and industries. The wider application of ultrasonic technology needs further development, application and promotion by scientists and technicians. The development of science and technology, I believe that in the future, the development prospects of ultrasonic technology will be broader. Exploring and applying ultrasonic technology will become a hot topic.

I. Application in Industry

    Ultrasonic industrial flaw detection can carry out non-destructive testing for batch pipes, plates or welds, etc. The defects of metal parts or welds (such as bubbles, cracks, non-fusion, etc.) can be detected by pulsed ultrasonic flaw detector. The instrument has a probe for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves. Whether there is another defect pulse between the reflected pulse and the transmitted pulse can be used to judge the existence and nature of the defect. The height of the pulse can be used to quantitatively analyze the defect, determine its depth and position, and evaluate the size of the defect. According to the national standard, the defect is no rejection.

    Ultrasonic thickness measurement is also often used. Ultrasonic thickness gauge can directly show its thickness or depth by using the time and speed of wave propagation in pipelines, plates, glass and other media. Because of its small size, easy to carry and simple operation, it is very suitable for the field operation of engineers and technicians.

II. Application in Medical Field

    In the aspect of ultrasonic diagnosis, because of the short wavelength of ultrasonic, we can study more narrow range of phenomena. Waves reflected from various parts of the human body can be used to examine diseases such as tumors, and can study various phenomena such as heart valve activity. It has been applied in many aspects, such as craniocerebral examination, gynecology and obstetrics, fetal health care and so on.

    Compared with X-ray, ultrasonic is not only more sensitive than X-ray in distinguishing various tissues, but also proves to be much less harmful than X-ray in practice, because ultrasonic is a kind of mechanical energy and has no accumulative effect. How to reduce and eliminate the harmfulness of ultrasound and the safe dose of ultrasonic diagnosis need to be further studied and discussed by medical workers.


III. Application in Agriculture

    The seeds of wheat, maize, cereals and other crops treated by ultrasonic can accelerate seed germination, improve germination rate, and effectively break the dormancy period of some seeds (especially in the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine, which is of great medical significance).


IV. Application in Food Processing

Ultrasonic extraction, also known as ultrasound extraction, is the extraction of useful substances or components from raw materials. For example, apples, carrots, spinach and other foods are first beaten, then the juice is extracted by ultrasonic treatment and filtration. Ultrasonic treatment helps to refine the paste and improve the juice yield and quality.

Ultrasonic cavitation can be used to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms. Ultrasonic sterilization is more effective than high temperature heating sterilization. It can not only maintain its inherent nutrients, but also do not destroy its original flavor. If canned fruits are disinfected by ultrasound, a large amount of cellulose will be retained. This method is very suitable for the processing and storage of agricultural products. In addition, some fruits, vegetables and grains can be cleaned by its cavitation.


V. Other Aspects

In the ocean, because of the weak attenuation of ultrasonic in the water, it is suitable to be used as a signal system in the water. Ultrasonic can be used to detect the position of submarines, submarine reefs, fish swarms, determine the depth of the sea and draw the topographic map of the seabed. In petroleum exploration, the oil content of oil wells can be estimated by the sound velocity of ultrasonic in the reservoir, which facilitates the exploitation of rich petroleum resources.



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