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what's the Principle of ultrasonic energy focusing

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what's the Principle of ultrasonic energy focusing

The secret of ultrasonic welding is to focus the ultrasound with the energy director. In this way, heat can be generated and then melted with only a small amount of energy, limited to locally defined regions. Large areas of contact surfaces are counterproductive; they require high power and only achieve undefined joint areas with poor strength.

Energy focusing is achieved in the following ways:

Energy Director (ED)



Ultrasonic design



Anvil outline





Focusing by ultrasonic shape (welding horn); for example, during ultrasonic machining, the ultrasonic generator takes on the task of energy concentration.


The centering tip is used as a melting start aid.


The focus of the anvil structure of the web material such as film, paperboard and nonwoven is focused. Local deformation is achieved by an anvil or ultrasonic contour.



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