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Ultrasonic welding

These are related to the Ultrasonic welding news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Ultrasonic welding and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Ultrasonic welding market.
  • How to solve the problem of spill cape or fur edge after ultrasonic welding?

    The causes of product spills or edges after ultrasonic welding are as follows: 1).超声波功率太强.1) The ultrasonic power is too strong. 2).超声波熔接时间太长.2. The ultrasonic welding time is too long. 3).空气压力(动态)太大.3. The air pressure (dynamic) is too large. 4).上模下压力(静态)太大.4. The pressure under the upper die (stat

  • What are the parameters that affect the welding effect?

    What welding parameters are there for ultrasonic welding? How to choose?The main welding parameters for ultrasonic welding are: required power, vibration frequency, static pressure and welding time. (1) Required power Depending on the thickness and hardness of the weldment, it can be determined b

  • what should we use consider before ultrasonic welding

    The ultrasonic welding process of the product needs to meet three basic conditions to achieve the desired effect.1. Whether the two plastic materials can be welded: Some materials can be welded better, some are basically melted, and some are not melted. The melting point between the same material is

  • The application of ultrasonic in industry area

    Ultrasonic processing technology1. Introduction Ultrasonic processing uses ultrasonic vibration tools to drive the abrasive suspension between the workpiece and the tool, impact and polish the processed part of the workpiece, so that the local material is etched into powder. For perforation, cutti

  • What are the conditions and requirements for ultrasonic welding?

    Ultrasonic welding conditions:As the conditions for ultrasonic welding, the most important time is the time (vibration, welding time) and pressure at which the welding energy is applied. Of course, other conditions are also important.Welding temperatureThe viscous flow temperature of the ultrasonic




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