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Ultrasonic welding technique

A list of these Ultrasonic welding technique articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Ultrasonic welding technique, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Ultrasonic tin plating

    Ultrasonic tin platingConventional tin plating typically uses more or less corrosive flux to remove oxide or impurities from the surface. In addition, it is impossible to solder materials such as glass, ceramic aluminum, etc. with conventional tin plating equipment. However, now our company has intr

  • Ultrasonic welding application - electronic telecommunications

    Electronic and electrical components are found everywhere in the industrial manufacturing sector, in automation technology and in everyday life. In the production process, ultrasonic welding is the most suitable to meet the many requirements of the product. Ultrasonic welding reduces production cost

  • Why is the weld horn mold hot and cracked?

    What is an ultrasonic welding horn?Ultrasonic welding horn is a generic term for all ultrasonic transmitting ends and is an indispensable part of ultrasonic welding equipment. Its function is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer into the object to be processed. Because it trans

  • Ultrasonic welding applications - auto parts

    The joining of automotive parts must meet the highest welding quality: tightness, firmness, dimensional accuracy and flawless appearance. Ultrasonic welding provides a fast and economical solution to these complex process requirements, making process optimization and product validation easy. The int

  • Ultrasonic composite embossing new material

    First, simply understand what is ultrasoundUltrasonic wave is a kind of sound wave with a frequency higher than 20,000 Hz. It has good directionality, strong penetrating ability, easy to obtain concentrated sound energy, and has a long distance in water. It can be used for distance measurement, spee

  • Principles and techniques of PPS ultrasonic welding

    I. OverviewPPS (polyphenylene sulfide) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with a steep melting curve and a high melting temperature (285 ° C, 545 ° F), and its pure PPS is not suitable for ultrasonic welding. However, after the addition of glass fiber and other fillers, the rigidity of the PPS mixt




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