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What is the Ultrasonic Embedded Wire Equipment ?

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What is the Ultrasonic Embedded Wire Equipment ?



The Ultrasonic Embedded Wire Equipment ,is also called the ultrasonic wire planting machine.It is an ultrasonic device which used for making ID smart card specially .It is one of the important applications of ultrasonic welding in recent years.

Its main function is used for ID smart card metal wire, chip embedding.It is also welding wires or chips to the plastic sheet.

How does it work ? You will insert the wire into a hole in the head of the  equipment.Place the head (welding face) of the wire burying device on the plastic sheet.Then start  the ultrasonic equipment and layout that buried wire is completed in the process of wiring .When the line is finished, the whole welding process is also completed.

What are the advantages about the improved ultrasound embedding tool?It improves the performance of the product greatly.And it makes the job more stable.The ability of automatic frequency adjustment is stronger.Finally,its appearance is also more beautiful.

The advantages of the  Ultrasonic Embedded Wire Equipment are summarized.It can search intelligently.The life of buried wire is extended 2-3 times.It reduces process and cost without dipping tin before welding.Its matching power becomes more powerful.Buried head and ultrasonic generator can be arbitrarily interchangeable.Its control depends on the multipoint power.It has super-fast buried wires and good consistency.It works long hours,such that the problem of equipment heating when burying wire is solved.It has the normalization design.And it can direct substitution of imported products.It is more environmentally friendly and safe.



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