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Ultrasonic welding is unevenly stressed and welded

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Ultrasonic welding is unevenly stressed and welded

When the ultrasonic works, the contact between the product and the surface of the mold can get the desired welding effect. In fact, this is only the surface view. Since the ultrasonic vibration is frictional vibration, the sound wave transmission phenomenon will occur.

If we only observe the degree of stability of the hardware (moulding fixture) and ignore the integrated type of ultrasonic operation, it will definitely have the consequences of shunning or misjudgement. Therefore, we must first emphasize that the operation of ultrasonic welding is Conducting sound waves, transforming the vibration friction into heat energy and welding. At this time, the degree of stability of the mold fixture, the height of the product section, the thickness of the meat, the depth and the texture of the material must not be 100% subject to the same pressure.

Ultrasonic plastic welding

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On the other hand, the energy output from the upper mode (H o r n) has its own error value at each point, and the energy emitted by the entire surface is not the same. As a whole, it is bound to produce a difference in the degree of fusion of the product's weld lines. Therefore, it must be corrected, how to correct it, that is, by the horizontal screws of the welding machine itself, or by applying thinner tape or aluminum foil.



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