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Ultrasonic waves cut cloth woven fabric without flash

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Ultrasonic cutting equipment, called ultrasonic cutting knives, is an ultrasonic device specially used for cutting. It is used to load ultrasonic waves onto the cutting tool, so that the tool generates ultrasonic vibration and cuts. Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses wave energy for cutting. Its biggest feature is that cutting does not use cutting edge. Or, instead of the cutting edge in the traditional sense. Conventional cutting uses a sharp-edged tool to press against the material being cut. This pressure is concentrated at the cutting edge, and the pressure is very large, exceeding the shear strength of the material being cut. The molecular combination of the material is pulled apart and cut. Since the material is pulled hard by the strong pressure, the cutting edge of the cutting tool should be very sharp, and the material itself must withstand relatively high pressure. It is not good for soft and elastic materials, and it is more difficult for viscous materials.

Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage in that it has a fusion at the cutting point while cutting. The cutting site is perfectly sealed to prevent loose tissue (such as textile material flash).




       1 High cutting precision and constant rubber.

       2 easy to apply to automated production

       3 The cutting surface has good finish and good bonding performance.

       4 Fast, efficient and pollution-free.



Ultrasonic cutting machine It can be used in a single machine, portable, suitable for temporary cutting of a small amount of material. It can also be installed on the machine table, and the computer can control the cutting head to make X-Y-Z direction movement to form a fully automatic ultrasonic cutting device. Suitable for pipeline, special equipment, cutting of batch materials.


Our company can supply a variety of special or general-purpose ultrasonic cutting machine core components according to customer requirements.


Application range:

         Raw rubber slitting, pipe cutting, frozen meat cutting, candy cutting, chocolate cutting and cutting, printed circuit board cutting, industrial cutting, jewellery cutting, plastic cutting, food processing, printing industry cutting, natural fiber segmentation in the automotive industry Fine line), deep excavation of synthetic fibers (multi-layer circuit cutting), plastic casing cutting, thin synthetic resin processing, paper cutting, bottom film cutting, etc. Semi-steel tire cutting, radial tire cutting, inner liner cutting, sidewall cutting. Moreover, the use of ultrasonic cutting machines can be extended, such as digging holes, shovel digging, scraping paint, engraving, slitting and the like.




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