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The basic principle of ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment

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The basic principle of the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment          


The basic principle of the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment 

  The basic principle of the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment ,what is using the high power ultrasonic to push impact tool.The equipment hit the metal surface more than 20000 times per second.Due to the high frequency ,efficiency and energy of the focused ultrasound,the surface layer of the metal has a large compression plastic deformation;At the same time,it changes the original stress field,producing a certain value of residual  pressure;It also strengthens the impacted part.

 Therefore,the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment can enhance welded joint of metal and fatigue strength of structure.And it can extend the fatigue life greatly.It eliminates residual impact ,and making the impact part to produce the residual pressure.And it also can  improve the bearing capacity of the work piece.It can improve the geometry of welding toe effectively,which reduces the stress concentration factor at welding toe greatly.Its effect is much better than TIG process.It also can eliminate small crack and welding defect on the surface of welding toe,inhibiting early crack initiation.And it can strengthen metal parts surface,which improves surface quality and service life.It is efficient, energy-saving, pollution-free and easy to use about the  equipment.It is not restricted to work-piece shape, site, environment.It also has significant effects.

The basic principle of the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment to improve the fatigue performance of welded joints

    The method of melting welding is generally adopted when the metal structural parts welded.In the filling process of metal,if the joint parts are left with excess height, pits and various welding defects.It will cause  stress concentration badly.AT the same time,it also can produce certain residual stress of welding.In most cases.It is unfavorable to the fatigue strength of welded structure with the residual tensile stress.And what,plenty of research shows that there are slag and other defects in the welding toe about 0.5mm away from the surface.The defect is sharp, which is equivalent to the early initiation of fatigue crack.Under the joint action of stress concentration, weld toe slag defect and welding residual tensile stress,They are seriously reduced by the fatigue strength and fatigue life of welded joint .

The basic principle of the ultrasonic weld impact treatment equipment treatment to improve the fatigue strength and fatigue life of welded joints

    After welding, ultrasonic wave is used to push the impact tool to impact the toe of the welding seam in the direction of the welding seam at a frequency of more than 20000 times per second.It can produce the large compression plastic deformation,producing a smooth geometric transition at the toe.it is greatly reduced with the stress concentration caused by residual height and pits of welding toe.The surface cracks and slag defects at the welding toe are eliminated,which is inhibited by the early initiation of crack.The residual stress field of welding is adjusted,eliminating the welding tensile stress,and the residual residual  pressure is generated near the welding toe. It makes material of the toe welding strengthened.In consequence,There are several factors that ultrasonic weld impact equipment can improve the influence of weld fatigue performance at the same time.For example,weld toe geometry, residual pressure, micro-crack and slag defects, surface strengthening, etc,they can  improved the fatigue strength and fatigue life of welded joint greatly.



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