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How to choose the ultrasonic mask machine correctly?

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Automatic mask machine is an important equipment in the field of mask production. Looking at the domestic mask equipment market, there are well-known manufacturers and brands, and different brands have different quality. How to choose a good automatic mask machine?

The ultrasonic mask machine system mainly consists of three major components: the electronic box (main components: the oscillating circuit board is commonly known as the vibration board, and the amplification circuit board is commonly called the crystal seat mainly composed of a triode and a resistor. The electronic box mainly has 15KHZ, 20KHZ, etc., mainly produces different The pulse signal) transducer is commonly called vibrator (mainly composed of: piezoelectric ceramic sheet and horn) and the expansion ratio is commonly known as welding head (steel horn and aluminum horn).

The principle of the ultrasonic system is actually to use the piezoelectric effect. What is the piezoelectric effect? Piezoelectric effect: When some dielectrics are deformed by external forces in a certain direction, polarization occurs inside, and at the same time Positive and negative charges appear on the two opposite surfaces. When the external force is removed, it will return to the uncharged state. This phenomenon is called the positive piezoelectric effect. When the direction of the force changes, the polarity of the charge changes. Conversely, when an electric field is applied in the polarization direction of the dielectric, these dielectrics are also deformed, and the deformation of the dielectric disappears after the electric field is removed. This phenomenon is called the inverse piezoelectric effect.


How to choose a good automatic mask machine? We know that to produce high-quality equipment, first of all, the production process must be mature, the raw materials should be high-quality and wear-resistant, and the operators must have experience, so as to ensure the production of mask equipment. The quality is more reliable, and the energy and cost invested in the early manufacturing are relatively high. If you want to buy a good mask machine, the price should not be too low.

If the price of automatic mask machine on the market is almost the same, we need to consider which brand is more suitable from other aspects, such as the quality, model and function of the equipment. Some brands have the same appearance, but the operation process is cumbersome. Low degree of automation, unstable performance, etc., as well as incomplete functions, wrong models, can not meet our actual production needs, these are all we need to know in advance. We should choose the right model according to our actual production situation, understand its parameters, see if we can meet our production needs, and choose the right brand to cooperate.



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