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Why your ultrasonic transducer broken?

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Why your ultrasonic transducer broken?

Firstly, The Piezoelectric ceramic chip quality is the main factor determining the life of the transducer. 

The transducer is cracked during assembly, and the piezoelectric ceramic itself has problems, such as internal delamination, and the mechanical part of the vibrator is too far from the expected value. The mechanical resonance frequency and dynamic resistance value of the instrument are measured by the instrument. Some transducer manufacturers may have similar inferior products out of the market. In this case, the transducer can be used, but the service life is limited. There is a problem in the design or assembly of the ultrasonic horn and the ultrasonic mold. The parts around the stress rod caused by the difference in the concentricity of the transducer are in contact with each other. The surface looks normal and there is no problem in the welding. However, it does not take long for the mold to heat and weld. Stable situation. 

Secondly,The FM inductor and the capacitor are not well matched, and the transducer and the driving power supply are not matched to the optimal working state. The transducer cannot achieve effective energy conversion, and the long-term operation may cause heat to cause the transducer to be damaged. The size of the product to be welded is too large, the power of the selected equipment is too small, the welding time is too long, the welding head mold contacts the product for a long time, the heat transfer of the product to the mold causes the transducer to heat crack, the connecting screw is loose and broken, and the ceramic piece is high temperature. Performance degradation has explosive cracks or misalignment. If the transducer is wet, the service life will be reduced. At this time, the insulation value of the positive and negative poles of the transducer is lowered, and the short circuit of the transducer causes the ceramic material to crack.

Hope the you can find the reason during your working.




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