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Why is the ultrasonic metal welding machine the current super good welding process?

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Why is the ultrasonic metal welding machine the current super good welding process?

We will discuss from the following issues

1. At present, which industries are using ultrasonic welders:

(1) Manufacturers of auto parts

Automotive wiring harness welding (0.5mm~25mm)

Metal copper plate and wire soldering of the connector

USB interface and wire soldering

Seat and airbag cable welding

Inductor coil and copper stranded wire on automotive fan motor carbon brush


(2) Household appliances and industrial electrical industry

Air conditioning, refrigerator refrigeration industry (the diameter of the copper tube behind the refrigerator 6 sealing welding)

Brass and wire soldering inside the socket

Soldering of copper tubes or aluminum tubes on radiators, heat exchangers

(3) New energy industry

Solar water heater copper tube welding

Flat water heater core welding

Welding of solar panel guide strips

(4) Motor industry

The motor industry is mainly welding of enameled wire, tinned wire, etc.

(5) Battery industry

Copper, copper foil, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, aluminum nickel sheet composite double layer, multi-layer, point, strip, long, square, etc.


2. What are the benefits of using an ultrasonic metal welding machine:

(1) One of the most important advantages of ultrasonic welding is that the temperature is low, close to cold welding. Is a mechanical process, no current flows through the workpiece, so the conductivity of the metal has no effect

(2) No need for excipients, flux, solder, etc., the operation process is simple, the workers will see it at a glance

(3) High degree of intelligence


3. Comparison of ultrasonic metal welding machine and similar welding technology:

(1) Yes, argon arc welding, electric resistance welding, current welding, medium frequency welding, high frequency welding, etc. are welding, which melts the metal together by high temperature and has changed the original characteristics of the material.

(2) Yes, laser welding

This principle is the same as above, it is by high temperature welding, but it can be accurately welded. Note that it is a welding that cannot be aread.

(3) Yes, ultrasonic welding

The principle is high-frequency friction welding, close to cold welding, it is currently super-good electrical connection process welding, in terms of the destructiveness of the base metal, until now, no welding process can be found in the world and ultrasonic welding

In summary: for a specific industry, ultrasonic metal welding machines have an unmatched welding advantage



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