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What's the Principle of Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing

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Principle of Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine:

Ultrasonic plastic hose sealing and welding machine is a 20KHZ high-voltage high-frequency electric signal generated by an ultrasonic generator, and then an ultrasonic converter is used to convert the high-frequency electric energy into mechanical kinetic energy. The ultrasonic sealing horn applies vibration energy to the end of the plastic hose, and heats through the friction between the surface of the hose and the inner molecules to increase the temperature transferred to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the hose itself, the hose interface quickly Melt, and then fill the gap between the interfaces. When the vibration stops, the hose will be fixed and set under a certain pressure at the same time to achieve a perfect welding. The welded workpiece meets the requirements of high air tightness and high water tightness. The end-sealing mold with pattern or LOGO can be designed according to the needs, so that the hose end-sealing is more beautiful, practical and in line with commercial characteristics. It is suitable for the ideal plastic hose and composite tube sealing equipment in medicine, daily chemical, food and special industries.

Ultrasonic plastic hose sealing machine:

Ultrasonic hose sealing and welding machine uses ultrasonic plastic welding technology to seal the hose. It has the advantages of clean and environmental protection, fast sealing speed, beautiful appearance, good sealing quality, non-destructive plastic hose, and no auxiliary agent. Ultrasonic plastic hose sealing machine is used in toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food, industrial supplies, and other types of plastic hose and composite tube sealing. It is suitable for the packaging industries of food, medicine, daily cosmetics, etc., which use hoses, such as toothpaste, ointment, ink, hair cream, jam, paint, glue, etc. Especially for PE, PVC, PP plastic hose has excellent sealing effect.

Through practice, it has been found that soft PE materials are more difficult to ultrasonic weld, but PE films can be welded, usually plastic bag sealing is achieved by continuous rolling welding; hard PE does not have the best welding performance, but by optimizing the ultrasonic horn structure It can also be welded with higher frequency ultrasonic welding equipment. The products that are made of PE material and can be welded by ultrasonic are: PE bottles, PE bags, medical filters, medical appliance parts, toothpaste tubes, various cosmetic tube sealing, ointment PE tube sealing and so on.




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