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What is the difference between laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting?

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What is the difference between laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting?

Different principles

(1) Principle of laser cutting
Principle of laser cutting Laser cutting uses a focused high-power-density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, causing the material to be irradiated to rapidly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point, while blowing the molten material through a high-speed air stream coaxial with the beam, thereby Achieve the cutting of the workpiece. Laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.

(2) Principle of ultrasonic cutting
When ultrasonic machining is used for cutting, the front and rear vibrations generated by the ultrasonic vibrator mounted behind the main shaft are transmitted to the outer circumference of the grinding wheel blade through the base of the main shaft and the grinding wheel blade, and are converted into expansion motion in the radial direction. By this vibration conversion method, the desired vibration direction required for ultrasonic machining can be obtained.


Different characteristics

(1) Laser cutting features
As a new processing method, laser processing has been widely used in the leather, textile and garment industry due to its advantages of precise and fast processing, simple operation and high degree of automation. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser laser cutting machine is not only low in price, low in consumption, and because the laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, precision and cutting speed of the cut product are very good. It also has operational safety and maintenance. Simple and so on. Can work 24 hours a day. The dust-free cloth non-woven fabric cut by the laser laser machine does not yellow, and the automatic edge is not scattered, does not deform, does not become hard, and has the same size and accuracy; can cut any complicated shape; high efficiency and low cost. The computer design graphics can cut any size of lace of any size. Fast development: Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users can design laser engraving output and change the engraving at any time as long as they are designed on the computer.

(2) Ultrasonic cutting features
Ultrasonic cutting has the advantages of smooth and firm incision, accurate cutting, no deformation, no warping, fluffing, spinning, wrinkling and so on. The avoidable "laser cutting machine" has the disadvantages of rough cutting, focal edge, pilling, etc., but the ultrasonic cutting machine is currently more difficult than the laser cutting machine in terms of automation, so the current laser cutting efficiency is higher than the ultrasonic cutting.




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